I think Cesar is dead on in some ways, and not so much in others. What do you think?

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Oh I love him! I think he has a lot of great ideas and I use a lot of them with my dog Lucy.
I have watched many of his shows, attended one of his seminars, and watched his first video. A lot of what he says about dog psychology, I believe to be true. I think it depends on what you are planning to do with your dog. I definitely think that dogs need discipline. Am I going to walk Xena right at my side for 45 minutes? NO!!! But a lot of his training tips I have done, and they do work. Xena is more of my companion than anything else. I don't do any showing or agility or anything like that. So, I tend to be a little lax with the discipline. But, if she gets out of line his SHIZZZZZ works like a charm. I have also gotten her to be much better with other dogs with his methods as well.
I have to agree with Susan. I like some of Cesar's methods and have used many of them on my own dogs with much success. I know that some don't like him and think his ways are cruel but to each their own, right?
I was amazed at how effective his techniques were in getting our dog to stop begging at the table - James had to kind of "pretend he wasn't there" and get over the idea that I was hurting her feelings, though. ;-)

It was amazing - a lifelong habit was nipped over the course of three meals. I had to correct her at least twenty times in the first one, but now (years later) she naps all the way through dinner and doesn't even lift her head. It was clear once she started getting the message, that it was just a habit, not a need.
I am a HUGE fan of Cesar. I got to meet him at a seminar in November. I have read both of his books and watched every episode. Being a trainer myself, I have used many of his methods with clients and they are always amazed at how fast they work once the owner gets in the right frame of mind. It's most often the case of the owner perpetuating the problem by displaying weak energy, unconsciously encouraging the behavior with a form of badly timed praise (or assurance), or not being in the pack leader frame of mind. When I show clients how to change THEIR attitude towards the issue at hand, the dog very quickly falls right in line.
As far as his nay-sayers. I respond by saying this. You can't solve EVERY dog issue and EVERY situation using only one method of training. It has to be tailored to suit each individual animal. Using only one method of training for every animal is like saying one specific type of car would be suitable for every human. Some individuals require a different approach.
While I totally agree 100% on his dog psychology philosophies - I've seen too many problems solved using his training methods.-- you have to use common sense and evaluate each individual situation.
The people who say his methods are cruel are probably the ones who have out of control, unstable dogs who get treated like little humans.
He still remains #1 in my book! :D
I love him to and we are trying more and more of his techniques and Tony is doing great with them.
I've been a fan of Cesar's for a while... He has some interesting training concepts... But it sure isn't as easy as depicted in the TV programs...
I think he is wonderful and has helped so many with his TV program. Dicipline is good for everyone including Animals, Kids and Adults. If everyone could be like our pets we`d have a better world. I remember love!
Yes, Lois... I know I probably need the discipline much more than my Kitsune does...
I hear ya. I think I do alot more than my Tony does. My husabnd has to remind me he is a dog and not a child. (I don't really believe him). When you got those dark eyes looking up at you saying what did I do, hard to discipline.
I'm bad about feeding my Kitsu from my plate when he sits there looking sad... But I know that, if I just ignore him, he'll go away and not beg... So, as Cesar would say, the problem is with his owner...
I try not to and most the time don't. It is when we have snacks in the evening or whenever, he sits on my lap and i just give in.


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