I guess is the comfort of a nice and strong embrace. I like small dogs, but the strength of a big dog feels really good. In addition, a big doggy usually makes a good playing pal. He jumps, runs, barks and you're not worried that you will break his legs while playing! LOL!
But the best is when they think they are small cute boys or girls and sit on your lap!

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Most big dogs are a little more secure in who they are. We've got 3 big dogs and one little pug. The big dogs don't need or want constant attention, while the pug is always in your lap or face. One of my goldens is an occasional 'touch-me begger', but I guess they all fluctate some. The rough housing with the big dogs is no worry, you're right and they seem to know instinctively how to be a little gentler with the pug.
We usually have big dogs, for much the same reasons. They all come bringing their love as that is really all they have to give. They love us for what we are and never hold grudges............
Aside from the points that have been made, I think that the best thing about big dogs is that when you snuggle you really have an armful to hang on to!
My "big guys" are the best when it comes to therapy work. I know I'll never go without at least one big dog.
You can't step on a big dog! You can trip over them, but you can't step on them ! ha!
Big dogs give you comfort and frighten strangers that don't need to know if that person broke into the house, they would be licked to death.
I forgot to add, big dogs make the best pillows !
We rescued our big boy when he was three and had spent his whole life (once he wasn't a cute fuzzy puppy any more) chained up outside in a pen in Colorado. He weighed only 64 lbs when my husband brought him home. He rode for 8 hrs in the back seat of a Chevy Malibu, because we didn't know a new kid would be in the back seat on the way home. He was patient and very good on the trip home. When we got him here we discovered he couldn't eat! Saw a doggie neurologist and were told that it was a nerve problem that would go away. We fed him rice and hamburger, because he couldn't chew. We weaned him off that and onto hard food when he could finally chew again. A year later, he weighed 101 1/2! He is 3/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/4 shepherd. We named him Conan because we thought he would be a real terror - but he has never been. He has adapted to living in the house beautifully, learned to tolerate our little male poodle-terrier mix, likes the MinPin, the cats, and my husband, and worships me. He is strong and loving and protects all of us. He warms my heart with one look from those big brown eyes. He goes to the groomers twice a year and they want to take him home. I guess the best thing about our big boy is how patiently he has taught all of us to fall in love with him.
Hi Jill.......your last line says it all 'taught all of you to fall in love with him'
Sounds like a big hunka love. Enjoy ! Lee
No matter what the size all dogs are cool. But the choclate Lab down the street named cooper is cool. When I make my daily visit to him he, can actually stand up and hug me! soooo cute. He is so big compared to my 30 pound medium sized boy.
I love reading all the comments about big dogs :) It seems that the owners are so proud of them.
Hope we can share more stories about our big boys and girls :)

This is the last pic of my big baby :)
Oh What a beautiful big dog! Love his eyes! Looks so sweet!
I love your comments on BIG DOGS! Very cute photo of your big dog!!!
I had a small dog… (but she thought she was the biggest dog out there!)
I love all dogs, all sizes!


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