I guess is the comfort of a nice and strong embrace. I like small dogs, but the strength of a big dog feels really good. In addition, a big doggy usually makes a good playing pal. He jumps, runs, barks and you're not worried that you will break his legs while playing! LOL!
But the best is when they think they are small cute boys or girls and sit on your lap!

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I prefer big dogs too. I think they are more comfortable in their skin. Sometimes small dogs get the Napoleon complex, like they have to prove themselves, whereas big dogs are not so high strung. And yes you can get rough and tumble with them without worrying about hurting them. They just seem more laid back then the smaller breeds.
My big GSD Dante is a cool,happy dog he is fixated with the ball, he loves to go for long walks, keeps me going
and his bark tells intruders to stay away, love to see him run.
and squirrels drive him nuts.
Had two boxers that I raised unti they left me of old age and illness, loved them both and
still do forever, looking forward to see them on the other side, maybe I'll get a free pass to the raimbow bridge
and check everybody out !
cool ha?
Good day Dog Lovers !



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