At the vets for what seemed like forever, day in and day out with my sick Beardie I was so disheartened until this precious moment happened.

There was a little blue eyed girl with long blonde hair in the office, probably
around 5 years old. She was absolutely amazed at all the hair that Paddington
had and while we were all waiting to pay for our visits she patted Paddington
and played with his hair. She asked a million questions just like all small
children do, how old is he, what kind is he, why does he have so much hair, do
you brush him, what is his name, what is wrong with him and on and on. I told
her he had had a tummy ache but that he was feeling better now. She noticed the
bald patches all over him and she wanted to know if the tummy ache had made his
hair fall out. I told her why he had been shaved and she wanted to know if he
missed his hair in those places and if he was sad about it.

I told her I didn't think he was upset and she replied that she would be if
someone did that to her hair. Her mother finished paying her bill and their
Basset Hound was brought out, little blondie informed me that her dog was called
Bubbles, Bubbles the Basset, so adorable. She continued to play with
Paddington, while her mother got the medications together and then called her to
come to the car. She gave Paddington a huge hug and assured him his hair would
grow back and not to be sad. At this point I was almost in tears; her Mom
called her again and said that she hoped she didn't love Paddington more than

The little girl paused for a moment, looked at Bubbles then at P and with an
absolutely shocked little voice said, "Of course NOT Mommy, I love Bubbles more
than ANY dog in the whole wide world, she's my dog."

They had almost reached the door to go outside when the little girl turned, ran
back to Paddington, flung her arms around him for one last hug and then
whispered in his ear, "but YOU are the most beautiful dog in the whole wide
world." Then she went running to her Mom, Bubbles and out the door.

Paddington looked up at me and smiled!

Jane and her Barkark Crew from Encinitas, California

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oh, my, word.
that's amazing! I believe it really happened!!!!


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