Today i feel sad;i work in a nursing home so death is not a sad thing for me usually a blessing,however todays story is a little different.
Les was diagnosed with cancer 6 months ago,last night he went home to God,not from his cancer but here is the sad thing;his wife Barbara left their little Toy Poodle Max with the neighbour,while Barbara was comforting Les on his journey home the neighbour took Max for a walk without being on lead... Max was hit by a car,he is seriously injured,smashed pelvis,broken legs....this double blow has thrown Barbara into devastation and shock,she cried and sobbed "i can`t lose my husband and my little Max.Max`s vet bill will be in the thousands,all i ask is if you believe in prayer please include Barbara and Max of Hope Island Queensland Australia..

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Prayers are on the way!
I will pray for you. Do you have anything set up for me to donate to help pay the vet bills? Please let me know.
Thank you, i have no idea how to set up for donations,i didn`t want to ask for donations as i know a lot of people get had over the net and are warey of giving money to strangers.
Little Max has come through the operation but injuries are servere he is still at the vets being watched over.
I agree that there are a lot of people to watch out for, however I don't think that anyone that is a member on this site would use a dog for shady puposes. I think we all love our kids too much to use them in that manor. Please let me know if you can figure out a way to get donations to you. I am in the U.S. So maybe western union? I am not sure what they have world wide.
I just am so sorry about this - what an incredibly devestating loss for Barbara alongside the devestation of her husbands loss. My thoughts are with Barbara and Max as Cathrynn X
I`m afraid little Max is now at Rainbow Bridge he passed away Wednesday night.
Thank you for your prayers and replies.
OH I feel so sorry for Barbara. I just can`t imagine how devestated she must feel. Les & Max will be together.I hope & pray for her understanding of Gods will.


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