Just what the heck is wrong here? I have seen on the CNN news a united states Marine threw a puppy off a cliff! This is very up settimg and wrong it makes me very sad too.

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I didn't see that story and am so glad I didn't. How horrible, what in the world was he thinking, if thinking at all!

I just got my Tony back from the vet after two days of being there with a viral infection. Just made me hug him all the more.
Yes it was awful...If you go to the goggle and put in US Marine throws puppy off cliff you will see the story...So sad..And the little puppy was soooo cute.
Disgusting. Ick!
It is very sad. sad and truly disgraceful for the U.S. Marines they should be a shamed of themseves.
Amen Karin! I didn't hear about this & sure don't want to see the story. I just don't understand how people can be so cruel. It truly breaks my heart.
I Just don't understand and I never will. This is very up setting..I'm currently reading a book called : A Rare brreed of love" A true story of a dog called Baby and the mission she inspired to help abused dogs..Baby was a Puppy Mill dog..Its very good BUT tears your heart out..It by: jana Kohl...I have about 30 books now all dog books!
Is this true?
Sad to say yes it is true..If you goggle it you may find the story..Goggle US Marine throws Puppy off cliff. It is very discusting.


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