In loving memory of my best friend and most faithful companion ***Rio***
I lost a special friend today. The kind you can't replace, and looking at his empty bed I can still see his face. I see the endless energy & sparkling puppy eyes. Not the tired, fragile friend I had to bid goodbye. I know Rio is in a special place our Lord has for such friends. Where meadows, fields, and flowers help make them strong and whole again. This special place our Lord has made health & strength wait for him there.
So, with my very special friend I am sending all my prayers. I remember how Rio would run to me to play and how his eyes would light up when he heard me call his name. But, as those precious years went by and we both aged and grew, I'd find him often slowing down. But, we had still so much to do. I noticed in the recent times his ears were not as sharp, his little black eyes seemed distant. Where is that running white ball of fur...the years have shown their mark. Rio was a special dog. I know he gave it his best. My little Rio was a real trooper till the very end. But, as I looked deep into his eyes I knew it was time for Rio to rest. Rio was my best friend for 12 years and I thank him for taking care of me all those years. I know Rio is watching over me. He'll be with me when I cry. So, with one more kiss on his beloved head I told my Rio goodbye. You will be missed Rio.
May 23, 1996 - June 28, 2008
To know love and companionship of a pet is one of life's joy's.

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That was so beautiful what you wrote about Rio! It made me cry once again…I've been crying off & on since my little Chia passed away. I started writing about my feelings right after I had her euthanized & I've been writing ever since. At some point I am going to post my thoughts to hopefully help others going through a similar situation. You go through so many stages when dealing with the death of such a special companion.
I had the most wonderful party on Sat. honoring Chia. Friends & family stopped by & brought photos of Chia & shared "Chia Moments"… It was so magical!
It will take time for the raw feelings to subside but it will get easier as time goes on & you always have your memories & photos of Rio & I believe on some level they are always with us.
I have a big empty space in my heart that will heal in time. I believe it is important to go through the many feelings that arise with such a big part of your life gone. Just take it day by day…
Take Care,
Sarah, Yes, I am going through so many emotions right now. I cry and then I am fine, then I find myself crying again. Like you I feel this emptiness in my heart. I made up a memorial card (with the above written) with pictures of Rio and mailed it to special friends and relatives. We need to understand that Chia & Rio are now in a better place and in good hands. We will always remember the good times. Who would have thought that Chia & Rio would have passed only two days apart. Let keep communicating so we can heal together. I know its a very difficult time but we will get through it.
Since my little Rio's passing it seems that right around the end of the month I become a little sad. At first, I didn't realize what date I kept getting these feelings. Tonight I figured out that its the 28th of August. Rio passed on June 28th so I guess its only natural to subconsciously feel this way. I think of Rio alot more than usual but as each day passes it is more good thoughts and great memories.

Hi Elsa, That truly was so beautiful! I could'nt put my feelings in words when I lost my puppy after almost 11 years to cancer. She was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma and 3 weeks later I lost her. It tore my world to shreds...I console myself that she is in a better place with God and she is out of pain and suffering...but the hurt is still there. Today is 1 month and 1 week since she heard has been shattered and I can't seem to over come this feeling. I know sharing my loss with others might be some help in the healing process....although its something I dont think will leave me. I cry and cry and cry and still cant seem to feel any comfort. She was my best companion...the one person I could really count on! She was the center of my life ....everything I did revolved around her! I am at a total loss and I know how you must feel. Thanks for sharing your words...I couldnt have put it better myself...because I feel the very same way! Warmest Regards, Mariya
Hi! Oliver and I hope all is well. Happy you read Rio's memorial card. It was written with love for Rio for all the 12 years of loyalty and companionship he gave me. I think of Rio everyday and always say "Hi Rio We love you."
I visited Rio's grave yesterday and talked with him for a bit. I am also glad that I created a beautiful final resting place for him. If you view my pictures you will see the actual memorial card that I sent to friends and family. You will also see a picture of his resting place. Take Care.
Every month around the anniversary (June 28) of Rio's death I find myself in a somber mood. I look through the sympathy cards that were sent to me the week he passed. I have a small wooden box that I keep in my living room. This wooden box is special because it contains all of those cards, pictures, Rio's collar and two of his stuffed animals,and a tiny lock of his hair that I clipped before he was placed in his coffifn. I must admit time does heal but you will always remember and miss those special moments. God Bless Rio.
I loved what you wrote about your Rio. I cried hysterically reading it. Our doggie friends are so special, right? One day we will be joining them and they will wait for us with open arms and wagging their tails, so happy to see us again.....They are all there with wings looking down on us. I also looked into my Marissa's eyes and saw it was time. She was a shih tzu, cute and fat and loving. My heart goes out to you, I feel your loss and how much you miss him. Take care. VIV
Vivian, I still get teary eyed when I read it. Rio passed away in my arms at home. A moment I will never forget. You should read my profiile about Rio and you'll know why it was a magical moment. Also, as a tribute to my little guy I did a video called "Sweet Rio". I felt comfort doing these things..... We will always miss our little ones but as the years pass by the memories bring a smile. I am fortunate to have Oliver my 10 yr old maltese who has helped make the grieving process easier and he is with me 24/7. I'm at work and he is running around. Take Care and have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for that beautiful story about Rio; I just joined tonight, as we had to put down one of our best friends yesterday...
Amen to all you have written.
Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my "Sweet Rio" tribute. I am touched when I receive a comment about Rio.
This site has helped me keep Rio's memory alive. I have felt such comfort since the day I joined as well as the friends I have made. Again Thank you.
Hi Everyone, Not sure if its my imagination or what. Last night I thought I saw Rio run down the hall way. It was the strangest thing. This is the second time I have seen a white little maltese (what looked like one) run right pass me. I will report if I see this again.


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