In loving memory of my best friend and most faithful companion ***Rio***
I lost a special friend today. The kind you can't replace, and looking at his empty bed I can still see his face. I see the endless energy & sparkling puppy eyes. Not the tired, fragile friend I had to bid goodbye. I know Rio is in a special place our Lord has for such friends. Where meadows, fields, and flowers help make them strong and whole again. This special place our Lord has made health & strength wait for him there.
So, with my very special friend I am sending all my prayers. I remember how Rio would run to me to play and how his eyes would light up when he heard me call his name. But, as those precious years went by and we both aged and grew, I'd find him often slowing down. But, we had still so much to do. I noticed in the recent times his ears were not as sharp, his little black eyes seemed distant. Where is that running white ball of fur...the years have shown their mark. Rio was a special dog. I know he gave it his best. My little Rio was a real trooper till the very end. But, as I looked deep into his eyes I knew it was time for Rio to rest. Rio was my best friend for 12 years and I thank him for taking care of me all those years. I know Rio is watching over me. He'll be with me when I cry. So, with one more kiss on his beloved head I told my Rio goodbye. You will be missed Rio.
May 23, 1996 - June 28, 2008
To know love and companionship of a pet is one of life's joy's.

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Hi there haven`t been on here for ages. Our last two foster dogs have been Maltese and Maltese cross,they have been such a pleasure to have and i always pray they will go to a good home.Both were strays picked up by the pound,i just don`t understand how your dog can escape with no collar and you don`t go and find them.The liittle one we have at the moment is in an awful state,matted fur,rotten teeth, dermatitis,and over weight.A few weeks with us and all should be well.

First photo is Benny cuddling up to our toy Collie lol he was gorgeous he has found a home. The second one is Prince who has now been shaved he was that matted he was ripping the knots out with his teeth.
Enjoyed your pictures and its great that you foster the pups. Its a shame that people just don't take better care of their pups. They make up such a tremendous part of our family. I always make sure Oliver has his collar and that he is with me at all times. I always kept a collar on Rio and a watchful eye. My little ones are lucky and fortunate to have me as their mom. I love them very much.

You are a wonderful person to take care of them and bring them back to a healthy state. Bless you in all you do for our furry friends.
May 23, 2010 will mark what would have been Rio's 14th birthday. Rio, this week I am thinking of you more than ever. On May 23rd I will say a special prayer for you my little angel. Mommy still misses you.
June 28, 2010 marked the 2nd anniversary of Rio's passing.
Oliver and I visited Rio's grave...its in full bloom and beautiful.

Bless our Rio Forever !
We miss you ....


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