Just wondered how many out there feed raw to their dogs. I have my 6 dogs on the raw diet for almost 2 years now and it's great! Their coats are so nice and shiny, they are healthy and not overweight at all. I also bake their treats rather than buying the junk in the stores. There is so much garbage in dog food and treats these days and when that food recall happened, I was never so happy to have my dogs on raw.

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Hi Steph! My boy Thor has been on RAW since he was about 5 or 6 months old. When I got him at 12 weeks of age the pet store hadn't treated him for roundworm properly so he became very sick within 3 days of being at my place. I took him to the vet where they diagnosed him with Parvovirus and quarantined him with another parvo dog. Luckily another vet saw how quickly he rallied from some I.V. and reassessed him, diagnosing him with just roundworm and treated him right away. I was able to take him home the next day.

Long story short (too late!), Thor's little tummy was never the same and he emitted some noxious gases that would make a refinery jealous. We tried a variety of foods and then discovered RAW. There was an immediate change - to his fur, his smell, his breath and his stool. He will be 7 years old in July and my vet can't believe what great shape he is in and how beautiful and shiny his fur and eyes are.

So, yes, I too am an advocate of RAW. Thor agrees, " Four paws up for RAW!"

By the way, the pet store gave him to me because he just wasn't selling and was more trouble to them then he was worth. Little did they know this darling's true worth to me!

Have a meaty day!
Sandra & Thor
Hi Sandra! Glad to hear that Thor is doing so well. How lucky that he found you or you found him! It's amazing what the raw diet can do for a dog. My dog's teeth are great and they are all so healthy. If you want, you can check out the raw that I give mine on this website. They deliver it to my door. I just love these people. It's www.PetsByNature.com I think she even has a picture of my 6 on her website. I was amazed at how well they would eat, side by side, without killing each other. When they were on kibble, it was such a chore to feed them...now, they eat like there's no tomorrow!
So, yes, Four paws up for RAW!!!
Hi Sandra,
I'm always itching to see what people say about feeding raw. The majority of the people that I graduated TTouch with feed raw diets to their dogs, however, I can't seem to bring myself there yet. Do you get yours prepared and shipped to you or do you get the meat from a farm and prepare from scratch? If you prepare from scratch, how much time is involved and what is the cost? Harvey weighs 97 pounds and is currently on a higher end, no grain kibble. I offer him raw meaty bones usually once a week and he eats fruit and vegetables as well. He has itchy ears and I'm thinking that maybe it might be something he's eating that I'm unaware of.
I browsed around the site that Steph mentioned "Pets By Nature" and I wish there was something like that in my neck of the woods, but unfortunately, we're not there yet and even our vets seem to poo-poo the raw diets.
Hi Pam,
I guess you looked at the site I sent but maybe on there it doesn't tell you exactly what the raw diet is. It comes already prepared from this couple and I buy it in 3 lb. tubs since I have 6 little ones to feed. It consists of chicken, bone, romaine lettuce, carrots, and butternut squash. It kinda looks like ground up hamburger. The minute I get that container out of the fridge, they all come running and jump and whine until I put their dishes on the floor. And you should see them eat. It's such a joy to watch them enjoy their food. Unlike how it used to be when I fed kibble....one would eat, the other would pick, another wouldn't touch it...oh, what a pain. I also bake my own dog treats rather than buying the junk that they sell in the store with all the additives.
Hello, Steph,
Thanks for clearing this up for me. Would you consider sharing your dog treat recipe?
I've yet to come across a food that Harvey doesn't like. He's very easy to please, but because of his ongoing itchy-ear-problem, I choose a no grain kibble (Wellness Core)and try to eliminate feeding anything extra that contains grain, especially wheat and corn. We have a PetSmart store here that carry frozen tubes, but I think you need to add the meat to it. It's on my list of things to check out.
Sorry I didn't respond before this. I was away for the holidays visiting family.

I buy prepared RAW food at a local petstore called Global Pet Foods (Canadian). They have a fridge in their store stocked with raw foods and bones that Thor ("Dog of Thunder") enjoys such as "Home Made 4 Life", "Totally Raw Natural Dog Food" and his personal favorite (and mine to feed him) "The Urban Carnivore". Urban Carnivore looks like a fair sized hamburger patty that I just give to Thor frozen straight from the freezer. He'll take it and run to his pillow to chew it up in no time and believe me, there is little if nothing left on his "dinner pillow" when he's done.

Global Pet Foods is based in Ontario but luckily we have two franchised locations in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) of Nova Scotia.

When I'm stuck or want to give him something different I have a local butcher that can supply me with a box of chicken backs or turkey necks. Most local butchers also have bagged up bones that people could use for soup or those lucky dogs that get fed raw. I can also get pork hocks at the local grocery store. Those are a special treat that he really enjoys!

Ask around. You may be surprised where you'll make a connection.

Most vets in our area aren't up on the Raw diet and will poo-poo it (no pun intended), however, my vet cannot deny that my dog is shiny, bright, healthy and has darn clean teeth (from bone chewing) for an (almost) seven year old. I get a kick out of taking Thor in, the vet lifts him up on to the examining table for his annual exam and smells him saying "Oh you must have just bathed him, he is so shiny and smells good." I say, "Yup, I bathed him about 2-3 months ago" Ha! Ha! You can't deny the sweet, healthy smell of a raw fed dog.

When Thor had been on raw for about 6 months I took him in to be neutered along with my friend's dog, Odin (border collie) who had also been on raw for 6 mths. I requested a blood test to insure that the raw was working and they were getting all the nutrients they should. Both had excellent blood work with Thor's only difference being on the low end of normal for potassium. So we "asked Thor" if he liked bananas, and he sure did! Now he'll gladly share a banana with anyone who's willing.

If this doesn't help any American pups perhaps a Canadian pup can find a Global Pet Foods near by.
This is all great information. I'll do some research in this area.
Many thanks,
Pam and Harvey
The last person to give you good information about raw is probably your vet, unfortunately! I have been feeding raw since 1994, and the first time I asked my vet about a raw diet he asked me how I spelled that (R A W, was my reply! LOL). I ended up mentoring his partner (an other vet) 4 years later when she realized her Search & Rescue dog needed to be on a raw diet to have more stamina in the field.
The lowest price and best results will be from making your own food. I make mine once each month, it takes about 40 mins total. I buy chicken backs in bulk (40 lbs) for 20 cents per pound and re-package them into single meal servings. I also purchase ground green tripe from HealthyPaws.net which comes in 2 lb. packages for $1.65 a pound on sale (only buy it when it is on sale, and I get enough to last 3 months). I also make beef mix once per month using human quality beef I get at the farmer's market for $2.00 a pound and the initial additives (kelp power, aloe juice, vit. c, etc) ran about $75.00, but they last about 6 months to a year -- and I replace them as I use the up so the bill is much easier to incorporate into my regular grocery buying during the course of the year. All in all, once I got my system set up it costs me about the same as feeding a really premo commercial food, but my dogs are healthier, and happier!
I'd love to let my dog eat something raw but its hard to get meat here that isn't cooked or prepared yet. I just saw today on The Oprah Winfrey Show that raw food is good and very healthy. Most of the food my dog eats is just chicken liver (cooked), bones, and dog biscuits. She loves fish fillet too. There aren't any food recalls here, but the only brands there are around are brands like Alpo but my dog is too fussy and won't eat them.
When you say 'here' where is 'here'? If your dog eats chicken liver, why don't you give it to him raw? But with organ meat you have to be careful because it's very rich and can give them the runs. Fish fillets are good too but do you give them raw or cooked? I don't blame your dog for not eating Alpo...that's one of the worst foods around. Can you not have a good food shipped to you if all you have around there is low quality food or would that be too expensive?
"Here" = Malaysia. The fish fillet is a treat, dried and packed into small packets. =X. Alpo is bad? O.O No wonder. What other brands are good?
Hey Steph,
I am a raw feeder with Xena. I started with my Golden Retriever because he had allergies. Now, I would never go back to kibble. I do buy prepared mix though from Oma's Pride. It is a company out of Conneticut that has distributors all over. I was lucky enough to find one 5 minutes from where I work. I buy the mixes in 10# bags and then add ground turkey, eggs, dairy and/or liver. It is a little more expensive to buy the mixes, but for me it is more convenient. I also get her cow bones from our local butcher. She will chew on them for hours. Her teeth just glisten. Even though her vet doesn't advocate it, he accepts that I am going to do it. After all, they get their nutrition education from the kibble vendors. That's a good mantra "Four Paws up for Raw."

Susan and Xena


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