I had a dog when I was a kid, his name was Timmy, and he was a Cairn Terrier. I miss him!

Anyway, my favorite food to eat was popcorn, but not because I really liked the taste, it was because Timmy would sit in the middle of the living room floor and turn to each of us, one by one, to catch a piece of corn.

So we'd sit watching television, or reading, all five of us, and Timmy would patiently look at me until I threw a piece of popcorn for him to catch. He would eat it, then turn to my brother, and wait patiently until he threw a piece.

We could do this for hours. And I don't remember Timmy ever missing a single piece.

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My father had a cocker spaniel that would watch the popcorn pop in the microwave and come and get us when it was done. He was a fantastic outfielder.
I had a cocker named Buff that did this also, She would sit at the foot of the recliner and wait till we threw a peice of popcorn and she would bounce off the floor to catch it in mid air , Never once do I remeber a popcon hitting the ground. When we were done Buff would look in the bag and if nothing remained she would take the empty bag to the trash. Thanks for the memories i had almost forgotten that,


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