Doggy books...can we share and make a Dog's Book Club-Forum-Discussion-bookshelf, etc ?

I love books...apart from dogs and other stuff...books are my companions and friends too.
I love reading novels; romantic, silly, girly novels and of course novels and books about dogs...
I'd love to share those books about dogs: novels, training books, quote books and so on about dogs.
Hope we can share lots of books!

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Right now I'm reading :
Dog Blessings
A collection of poems, quotes, facts and myths by Bob Lovka (BOWTIE Press)

Beautifully illustrated, short and easy to read.
I love reading too and find books to be companions, friends and even teachers. I've had a great summer running across some really great dog books.
Merles door, lessons from a free thinking dog by Ted Kerasoke is wonderful.
Lost and Found by Jacqueline Sheehan another moving and great book and now i am reading
Tell me where it hurts by Dr. Nick Trout a vet who writes very engagingly about his experiences. i sometimes buy books by the cover and bought this one because of the Boston Terrior on the cover (my daughter has a Boston)
love the idea about a "book club" and we can discuss specific books. Would love to hear about an of your books too.
Have you read 'Marley and Me'?
OMG...when I finished the book, I was in tears..that's a love story between humans and dogs.

I'll post other books in which dogs are mention or are the main charatcer.I have to check my personal library ;)
Meanwhile, have a nice week!
Yes, Marley and Me was another great one. If you are a food lover, The last Chinese Chef, was another incredible, it was probably the best book i've read for the summer as far as well written, etc. but i've loved all my dog books too.
Have a great week too...i keep thinking of poor James at this time with his loss. It is so hard to have that empty spot where a furry life occupied. Tam
I think a book club would be wonderful. Your dog is very beautiful.


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