It is with a heavy heart that I
am writing to let you know that
Maui passed away today.

I thank you and everyone in our
community who has kept us in
your thoughts and prayers these
past few days.

I know that Maui was a little
part of a lot of people's lives.

I am going to disconnect from email
for a few days, but if you would
like to send your condolences or
words of support, please post a
comment below.

Please know that I will read all
of your kind messages when I
re-emerge sometime next week.

Again, many thanks for your
support and prayers this past week.
Molly and I (and most importantly,
Maui) felt them. Thank you from
the bottom of my heart.


James Jacobson

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Aloha James and Molly.
Your most precious little girl Maui has now become a shinning star in the heavens, she will always be close to you, you will feel her touch and hear her sounds, just to let you know that she is close by.
I know the pain you are going through as when I had to send my little girls "Over the rainbow " it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, and the emptiness I felt to start with was unbearable, I always had my other girls to help me through, but slowly it has gone from 6 to, 1 remaing cat and 1 great dane,,
I still miss them as I know you will miss Maui, but always feel comfort in the thought that she had a wonderful loving family with you and Molly,, what a blessed little girl she felt to be so loved,,
My deepest heartfelt prayers are with you, When I saw that first video you sent the other day I could see in her eyes the same look I saw in my 6 girls, just before I had to set them free...
Know that she is at peace and with no pain now, having fun with all the other little animal souls.
You will need time to greive for her, but don't be sad for her as she will not want you to suffer in pain, she wants you to remember her with love and all the happy times you have spent together.
My tears are many and my heart is heavy, but I feel the freedom of the little wings that God has given her, for her to fly free across the beautiful rainbow, Everytime you see a beautiful rainbow, and I know Hawaii has many, you will look up and feel the extra love of your most precious little Maui.
God Bless her soul and may God Bless you and Molly, and give you the comfort you need at this time.Maui will always be remembered in our hearts.
With much Aloha Nui Loa.
Gem, Abbigail ( white cat) and Ruby ( great dane )
from Australia.
My heart goes out to all those who have known and loved Maui. She had the best of life that was offered. As I look up in the sky tonight, I see a new brightly shinning star, saying that she is there looking down. My dogs were there to meet her too. Words cannot express how sorry I am for you and your family. Until we all meet, may you know the love the God has for us and all his precious animals. So until we all meet, know that we have you in our thought and prayers.

James and Molly - May the Great Spirit bring you a peace in the knowledge that your precious Baby Maui lives on in the hearts of you, your family and your family of supporters who have shared your life these past few months. I am sure you can feel our thoughts that will be with you today, tomorrow and always. Heartfelt love from Gizmo, Kiwi, Tanzy, Pixie, Mojo and their mommy Ellen.
I know you don't know me but my heart and soul are with you in this sad time. "Do you Remember Love" and Maui changed my and my huskies' lives. Our wonderful pets transcend simple day to day in our usually ridiculous human lives and they make us all better for them. My Huskies are 11 years old and I know face a similar day to what you had today. It wil be the worst day of my life.

My thoughts and prayers are with your family and I am sure Maui's spirit is still there with you and always will be.

Nita Bowers
I am SOOO sorry to hear that Maui passed, but, in the same token, she must be in a much better place now, so if that can ease your mind, somewhat, to know she is at peace....I kept playing your video over and over, and felt your pain so much. Have "been there and done that" MANY times in my life, as I am a dog lover, too. I felt in my heart, that you would know when it was the time to do the right thing, if it was needed, in order to keep her from suffering anymore. God made the decision to let her rest now, and though she has been a big part of YOUR life, and you shared her with so many of us, it will be a hard thing for you for quite some time. It may get a tad easier over time, but it will NEVER go away in your heart. Memories are what will keep you going. Talk about her lots, even if it hurts. Share those pictures and videos and talk about her while showing them. It will be hurtful, but also uplifting for you, because through those tears, you will have happy memories to share and think about. And....NO one can ever take those away from you....always remember that, and remember the wonderful times Maui gave to you and so many others....GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.
James and Molly, I am so sorry to here of Maui passing,She was known and loved by so many. She had a wonderful life with you and then with Molly, She knew you both loved her very much. I have been where you are now and it's not an easy thing to let go, but she is waiting for you and will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge, untill then please know you both will be in my prayers as you have been in this trying time. God bless.

You gave her what all animals need and crave most...a loving home. She was honored and uplifted.

It is cruel that our animals don't last as long as we do. But they leave with the blessing upon you that you will find another animal who needs your love and while Maui knows she will never be replaced, she knows there is a real, physical place in your home where another can be held and loved.

I have always said that animals are the most sharing and forgiving of all of those in the world. Any animal is a "good" place always hopes that there will be another animal to take that place when they go--and I believe they go on the "search" psychically for that animal who will take Maui's physical place. NOT HER PLACE IN YOUR HEART, for that is forever. But as your heart expanded to love Maui, she knows that it can expand even larger to hold another animal who needs love and help....

My Shyshy- a wolf hybrid was with us for only 2 years. He was 12 when we got him but they were gong to put him down because they were going to lose their housing. I had connections to wolf rescue, but after meeting Shy, I knew he would not fit in--and suddenly, without warning, I had a new wolf-hybrid who fit perfectly into my home and most importantly, into my heart. This animal was wary of humans (as 2-socks was in Dances with Wolves) but he LOVED all creatures. I caught him within a foot of kissing a doe on our property. She had a fawn, so I quickly disuaded him from completing the transaction--but I learn so MUCH from my boy. He died in my arms on June 4 of renal failure wihtin 5 minutes of the vet coming to put him down. That's my Shy--he did it his way.

Maui's existence has been a HUGE impact on the lives of others. Will you remember love? Maui does---Shy does---and we cannot forget the love of these precious ones.

My husband of 14 years left me on the 15th. His explanation? He just "can't do it anymore." Dogs don't do that. Animals don't do that. When Shy died, and I took his body to be cremated, I walked thru the humane society, like I always do at the death of one of my animals, to reaffirm WHY I rescue. A beautiful lab/aussie cross--looking lab, blonde and white puppy---looked at me intensely. I I don't want another dog after shy...way too soon. I waited a week--she was beautiful and she met my eyes as if to say, "I am yours, please don't leave me behind."

She now sleeps with me in the bed that my husband vacated. She is so sensitive to my pain that when I cry, she crawls up on my chest and spreads her body the full length of mine and lays her head on my heart.

NO one will ever replace Maui...and Maui knows this. But Maui as Shy and My Nacona, My Yela, My Liln, My comanche...

All o fthe animals are so giving and loving, they would be the first to say...."Please don't wait too long--there is someone special who needs the love you have to give to them."

Namaste' James and Family. Godspeed are in wonderful company at the Rainbow Bridge and I know many of my furbabies will be there to greet you with yips, yaps, purrs and hugs....

Bless you James in your mourning...for you will be blessed. Maui lived a good long life and I know she is grateful for the love...

There must be a heaven for the animals we love,
They are not human, yet they bring out our own humanity...sometimes in ways that other people cannot.

They do not worry about fame or fortune...Instead, they bring our hearts nearer to the joy of simple things.
Each day they teach us little lessons in trust and steadfast affection.
Whatever heaven may be, there's surely a place in it for friends as good as these.
Anyone who has loved a pet can understand your loss.
May it help to know how much others care.

Yes, I remember LOVE . Thanks Maui
Dear Molly and James ~ All our Love is sent to you at this time. This poem is for you, Molly and, of course, Maui.....

Maui ~ ~ ~
Maui will always live and play,
As she did in her lifetime every day.
A constant friend, loving and sweet,
Eagerly awaiting that special treat.

In younger years she ran on the sand,
Splashing in water where waves meet land.
Happy and carefree she brought you joy....
Always grateful for a new squeaky toy.

She will be missed as you temporarily part,
But lives and loves in every heart.
She joins our family of pets we love,
Running and perfect in Heaven above.

Your Little Maui ~
July 25, 2008
James and Molly,
So sorry for your loss. Just remember the love you received and gave to her. That was a blessing for both of you. Pets just don't live long enough. It never gets easier to lose a loved one but what helps me is remembering the love. Time is the only thing that can heal your broken heart. I will be praying for you.
Victoria Schaefer
I lost my little blind yorkie, Pebbles, this year and it was horrible. She is the one in the picture I am attaching. I will be praying for you to feel better soon.
Godspeed, sweet, beautiful girl. As you join so many beautiful Furangels, I will keep a candle burning bright in your honor. If you meet the most gorgeous black and white Lhasa Apso that you have ever seen, his name is Maximillian. He always had a particular soft spot for petite furgirls with fluffy white hair - I know he will become infatuated immediately! I know, too, that you will watch over your wonderful family and friends on Earth and that you will be reunited one day. We are all praying for your special loved ones so that their hearts will heal and they will know the comfort and peace that they so deserve.

God bless~
Marilyn and my Angels - Maximillian, Nermal and Ginger and many, many other Furangels
and my Earth Angels - Sugar Bear, Marley and Co.
Dear James~ May you be blessed with the many wonderful memories of Maui that you have. How wonderful that she live long enough to see her best friend fall in love and marry. Bless her little heart for hanging tough all these years. I believe she is romping and enjoyng seeing again and will greet you someday with a leap into your waiting arms. Thank you for sharing her with us all.

Aloha Maui,
Nancy and Ralph


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