I am trying to reach as many dog owners as possible to let them know about a fairly rare (2,000-4,000 cases a year US) disease that can blind dogs and sometimes kill them. There is no known link to breed, sex or age. The disease is world wide. It is called Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome or SARDS. There is no known cause and no cure YET! Dogs seem to go blind overnight although there may be a longer progression than that. Some do OK but most have shortened life spans. Sometimes there are complications and the dog dies quite suddenly. Our Kody died just 5 weeks after diagnosis. The inability to help him was so devastating and there is so little known about the disease that we started an IRS approved group to raise funds for research into cause and cure. Please see our web site- http://www.sardsresearch.org/ for Kody's story and the current state of SARDS information. Also please pass this information around. There are many vets who know nothing about SARDS and have never seen a case. It is important that the information that is available get the widest possible dissemination.

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Yikes-- I am so sorry to hear about Kody. I am familiar with SARDS because Maui was originally diagnosed with it when she first went blind. In fact, I write about SARDS and our journey with it in the intro to my book "How to Meditate with Your Dog."

I am delighted that you are starting a non-profit to research this horrible disease.


When they first diagnosed Maui did they do an ERG to confirm the SARDS? If so, what made them change their minds and what did they determine as an alternate.- We are starting to build a means of collecting data from both ophthalmologists and general vets about their SARDS patients. Also need to find someone who can and will store blood samples for us at the zero+ all the time kind of freezers. Does your vet have interest in SARDS?

PS Thunder is our Newfy rescue successor (never replacements) to Kody.

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