One of my fur angels is a Black Lab mix named Doc (short for Dr. Pepper). He was a childhood friend from the time I was 7 and he lived to the ripe old age of 13. He had many strange quirks. Some of which were: putting out fires (we lived in the country and when we had a slash pile, he would pounce on any floating ember and dig at it until it went out.) He would attack bees, and like the post before, he loved to catch popcorn. But I think the strangest trait he had was his obsession with static electricity.
Doc would roll over on the carpet, 'charge' himself up and then proceeded to touch his nose to any exposed skin on your body (bare knees were his favorite) and give himself a good ZAP! :-O Over and over again he would do this if you let him. He would grin from ear to ear with the expression of utter ecstasy. He would get so excited after repeated shocks that he would start to drool and cover your legs with slobber.
My brother and I wanted to see how far this wacky habit went. One evening we did an experiment. While my brother held Doc's collar, I scooted around the entire house in my slippers creating quite the charge. We then turned off the hall lights and RELEASED THE HOUND! Straight for my outstretched hand he ran. The blue spark that zapped his nose that time was HUGE! He thought he had just won the world's weirdest lottery!
OH, but he didn't need humans to feed this shocking addiction. If there wasn't anyone around to play victim, you would find him by the barstool chair using the bottom metal footstool as his own private transfer station.
We don't have a clue as to WHY he did this, or HOW he figured it out, but it was certainly the most bizzare thing I have seen a dog do to this day. :P
He was the best dog ever growing up. WE LOVE YOU BOY!
~your Mom, Carla~

Click on attachment to see his picture.

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Everybody needs a Doc in their life.
He's one of those gifts that keep on giving.
You must really miss his presence.
Yep Pam, he will always be missed. He was one of those rare special dogs that sometimes people are blessed with. What a character, so much personality. He had a wonderful life. :-)
Hello Carla: What wonderful memories you have of Doc. Our dog named Shep was also a great memory. He died at 14 and now we have Rusty. We think that Shep sent Rusty to us to help us grieve. We think that he sent him because Shep was super intelligent and Rusty is, well, lets just say that he is cute, hahahaha...........Linda...............Here is a tribute website that we made to help us when Shep died.
What a great tribute!! You gave him the best gift. Remembering all the fun times and special things he used to do while he was on this Earth. They really love that once they move into Spirit. They don't want us to be sad, they want us to look back on their wonderful life and remember all the good times. And you did just that. :-) He is smiling and giving you a big hug from Heaven as we speak.
I love it! Doc sounds amazing. You are such a good writer! Do you have a blog yet? I'm going to go check out your page. Thanks for this story, I don't think I'll ever forget it.
Thanks Molly! He was truly an amazing friend.
I don't have one started yet but I've been really considering it. I've always loved to write and talking about my dogs is my FAVORITE subject! :D
I have a friends that just lost their Black Lab after 14 yrs. You have many good memories to keep in your heart, he`ll always be there. God Bless
Yes Lois,
I always have a smile on my face whenever I think of him. He was always there for me, to play ball in the backyard, to be first mate to our adventures in the woods, to comfort me when my parents got divorced.
I know that he is still with me keeping watch.
He was a great friend.
What a wonderful story! Made me laugh and cry! It is amazing how smart they can be.


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