So I took my dog to this 'casting agency' in Los Angeles called Le Paws and went through an audition and Lucy was picked to be one of their represented animals! I'm still giggling over the whole thing. Le Paws selects dogs on two requirements; personality and food motivation. My dog happens to be a rock star on both. anyway, I'll let you all know how it goes. They cast for commercials, TV and movies. And did you know that one out of three commercials has a dog in it?

I do know that Le Paws is always looking for new dogs so feel free to contact them. You have to live in the Los Angeles area though. They are in the Palms/Culver City/Marina del Rey area. Washington Blvd near Sepulveda Blvd.

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Congrats, Lucy! I can't wait to see her on the screen. I guess it makes sense that one out of three commercials has a dog - they're so engaging - but I never thought about it. Great. Now I'll be counting dogs in commercials ... ;-)

Let us know when she's a star!
We start our first set training class on Saturday. The dogs need to learn all kinds of strange commands like, Lick Your Lips, Stand On Your Mark, Scratch your ear, etc.

It's going to be so much fun!
Oh congratulations! I may never be able to see Lucy on TV (has different channels here in Malaysia) but tell her to break a leg! ^^
I will!!
That would be so cool to have your dog in the movies or on TV! Sure wish I lived out there. My Kobe just loves the camera and is such a natural. lol Good luck with Lucy's movie career!
hi Gayle...i can't wait to hear how they teach your dog to LICK his lips and scratch his ears.....I mean sure they can say it but how does the dog know thats what they want the first time...does someone reach in there and pull his tongue out and then give him a treat......keep us up to date on the training okay.....I believe the statistic about so many dogs in commercials....and i can think of some great ones tooooo....see if this agency has any success story ads you can share with us.....CONGRATS!!!!
Well we learned last week how to 'stand on your feet' (stand up after sitting or in a down position) and how to stand 'on your mark' (stand on a piece of wood). You'd be surprised how quickly they learn the tricks. It's all with a clicker and treats. I trained my dog the basics - sit, stay, heel, come, down just on aleash and she still does them all. I never used treats or clickers in training. Now, TV training is just to get the dog to do the trick immediately and over and over and over - hence the importance of the treats and clickers. you could easily compare the treats/clickers for dogs like money to humans. My dog will do ANYTHInG for food. ;)

I'll definitely let you know how it goes.
So did your dog make it..? it sounds good..I do see may more dogs in commericals...I love the pediagree commericals, they are sad..but many dogs actually get adopted form the commerical too.
Hi Karin,

Just to let you know, the animal trainers on set told me that the majority of the dogs that work in Hollywood are pound dogs that were rescued! Great to know huh?
Great news, Lucy was picked for a Blackberry commercial! We started yesterday for rehearsal. Today is the big shoot day.

She has two scenes (sounds so funny huh). One she's catching a frisbee on a long stage surrounded by a green screen (even on the floor) so the graphics will be added in later.

The other she's sitting on a rotating platform that goes in a circle. She just sits there and stares at the treats in our hand. it's SO funny. I'll take some photographs with my cell phone today.
Great!!! you will have to keep us posted when...Good dog. Lots of doggie hugs and kisses...My dog loves them!
Wow, we had a blast and Lucy rocked! The director loved her (including everyone else on set) . It was so funny how she caught the frisbee on the stage, it was all covered in a green screen and so were the walls around her. So computer graphics will be added around her to make her look like she's somewhere else. She ran and caught it right on the mark. Also she sat on a rotating table, just sitting there as it turned around and around like a circus dog. SO cute. Then she had a shot where she sat on the couch with a woman. That was the hardest thing for her. She just wanted nothing to do with it, but we managed with treats to bait her to stay there and kind of act like she wanted to be there.

The commercial should be out around the end of April, beginning of May for Blackberry so keep your eyes open for it, let me know if you see it too!


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