This is for my dog Trixie, and fortunately she is still with

                        A DOG POEM 

Each morning as I awake, to the day that the Lord has brought

The first sight to greet my eyes, is small, sweet faced mutt

My eyes begin to focus, as the morning light prevails

And then I see a little black nose, and a happy wagging tail

At first there is no advancement, permission must be granted

And when it is, upon my face, 1000 kisses will be planted

The room is filled with puppy love, and I can plainly see

That the most important person in the world, just happens to be me

She follows me throughout the day, as I move from place to face

And when I say my nightly prayers, she's inches from my face

I thank God each and every night, for her presense through his grace

And when I finally lay it down, no burdens left to lift

I will know that God, in his loving way, has given me this gift

A gift so special to my heart, that nothing could replace

The cold black nose, the wagging tail, the loving small brown face

And someday at the Rainbow Bridge, with no further earthly tests

By the hand og God, a man and his dog, will be forever blessed.



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Wonderful post.......   thanks so much for sharing it with us.


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