Anyone have Vetmedin they can give me for my 18 year old Papillon?

Hi all, I lost my job a year and a half ago and money has been very tight.  My old Papillon girl, Chloe is on several medications to keep her going.  One is Vetmedin. She is on 1.25 mg twice a day.  It is somewhat expensive given my finances (50 tablets for $64.00)  and I was hoping someone might have some left over from when their own dog may have been on it.  I usually get the 5 mg Vetmedin and then split the pills twice so that each quarter is 1.25 mg. That is what she had been prescribed by our vet.   If anyone has any they could send me that is still unexpired or maybe just expired (medications are good for a year after their expiration dates) I would be glad to pay for the shipping.  Please let me know.  Thanks very much.


Janet & Chloe & Bubba & Colt

Central Florida

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Please let me know how to contact you, I can sent it to you if you still need it. Sent me an email of your contact information, you can sent it to


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