This woman is spamming other members of this site. Here's her profile url:

She's spamming people to take an online IQ test.

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I was spammed today too....frustrating!!!
Hi Shannon~

I told Susy to stop spamming us, and that she's creating pointless Karma for herself. i hope she finds a way to do something positive with her life instead of spamming a community of people who are celebrating their love of their best friends!

i just thought she ought to be reported so she can be blocked if she persists in taking advantage of people here.
I agree...I blocked her from my site but what a nuisance.....Hope she stops this.........makes no sense!!!
Yep! I got it also. I sent a notice to Jim about how his website is being used to obtain addresses to be SPAMMED. I also sent a message to SUSY GILL that future emails will be forwarded to the FTC, FCC and FBI for possible SPAM consideration. Maybe she will get the hint, but then again if not, she may have some unexpected company showing up at her doorstep.
Please block this girl from your site....all she does is spam the members. I blocked her from my site, but I see that she is spamming many others as well. Thanks!
I was spammed as well. I guess people don't understand that spamming creates ill will and not potential customers.
i got one too! just deleted it...Maybe James can do something about it?
Thanks, I got a message from her but could never open it thankfully. She does not show up as a member and that's what stopped me just before I read your post. Thanks again.
I got the notice, but never found the message, thank God. How foolish!
Hi Everyone -

I banned Susy from the site a couple of hours ago - didn't see this discussion board or I would have posted sooner.

This is the first time someone joined just to spam - I think the immediate responses you all gave her made her stop pretty soon.

When I banned her, I asked the system to delete everything she'd ever done - so even if she posted messages on your walls, those should disappear as the system searches and deletes anything she did.

So sorry about this, and thank you for those who alerted us by using the "Report an Issue" link at the bottom of the page. That sends an email marked urgent, directly to our customer support people so they can take a look.

If you ever run across someone who's abusing their memberships, please use that link to report them so we can investigate!

I also put a note up in the Support/FAQ section (on the right side of the navigation bar above) so that in the future, people can alert us quickly.

People sure can be goofy.

Thanks again!
Yay Molly! I'll remember about the "Report an Issue" link!

Bye-bye, Susy! ;-)
I too got a message..but came here first and was lucky enough to be alerted. Thanks!


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