This woman is spamming other members of this site. Here's her profile url:

She's spamming people to take an online IQ test.

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Thank you for the warning!
I just got one from her and got redirected here when I tried to open it!
Be careful; if you take one of these tests you could get hooked up to a fee-based cell phone company; "interesting facts" texted to your cell phone!
I know! It happened to my sister after she took some quiz or another on facebook. LOL. It sounds like an Urban Legend, but it's true.
I got mine yesterday but didn't check till today. Her profile not found today.
Her profile isn't here because she's been banned from the site ... all her comments have been deleted. Thanks!
Yes, I too received an email from Susy Gill - It was a bit annoying but I decided to just ignore it & go out & walk my dog.
We all have so many more important things to do with our time than waste it by responding to an annoying pest.

Thank you Molly for banning Susy from this site. I'm glad to see she's gone! :)
Says page not found, Guess I am getting spamed too?????? I got this in an email>>>
Susy Gill added a comment to your page on I Remember Love

To view the new comment, visit:

Then says PAGE NOT FOUND????

Advsie anyone
I was spammed too. Didn't respond. Glad she is banned. Its very childish and annoying.


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