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Do you have nicknames for your dogs?

I've got two dogs: Rosco (male Shar Pei/Yellow Lab/Husky mix) and Pebbles (female Shar Pei mix). I rescued them both and they came with their names. Pebbles, however, was originally named "Princess Bella" but when she went to the shelter, they already had a "Bella", so they renamed her "Pebbles" to eliminate any confusion.

I call Pebbles many different names: "Pebby-Girl", "Pebs", "Pebbys", "Pretty Girl". I end up calling her Pretty Girl most of the time :-)

I call Rosco "Bubby" or "Bubs". I have no idea where these came from, they just came out one day!

What else do you call your dogs besides their given name?

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Nicknames, ahh yes I have some. And like you I don't know how I made them up. I affectionately called Rio - "Ri"
I also used another name for Oliver and Rio called "Poopi Lee" Now, where in the hec I came up with that moniker I do not know. Then there is "sweet ums" I sometimes call Oliver - "Oliver Twist" "Ollie", "The General" or simply "Twist"
Funny thing is that they do respond when I call them. #1 nickname for both were "The Boys". They sure would come running when I called them by that nickname. Rio passed away in June, and I often find myself saying "come on Boys"
Enjoyed the topic !


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