Hi everyone,
I was listening by default to the Drive time on 2GB on the way home from Sydney yesterday and the discussions were about 'should pet shops be allowed to continue to sell puppies and kittens'! There was a gentlemen on who was a person to be reckoned with in the Pet Industry Association who made the statement that impulse buying didn't exist when it came to pet shops, and that pet purchases from these retail stores only made 15% of pet purchases.
I am extremely interested in your opinions as, being a volunteer for a local rescue organisation, and having just rescued an additional 2 dogs from an overcrowded community pound, I see the results of people purchasing cute pups and kittens without either for-thought and consideration on what they are actually taking on.
My greatest dream would be for a legislation to come in that any pet owner would be required to apply for a licence and present it in order to purchase a pet, and then have to either attend a training course, or prove that they had attended a pet ownership course so that they could actually have the pet.
As I am now training on horses, I am really becoming educated upon what it takes to have and keep a healthy horse, and I believe that education is the greatest tool in working towards decreasing the number of unwanted animals that always end up, and are generally quickly euthanaised, at local shelters.
The shelters aren't the bad guys, and neither are the people that buy indiscriminately and impulsively. They just don't realise that animals are alive, are not objects to just admire and actually do need maintenance, and do have a soul and a personality.
What do you think and what can we do as individuals to change this horrific situation?

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