Just looking for pictures of interesting and unusual breed mixes. I've had a few odd mixes myself, don't have pics though :( I had a jack russell chow chow mix named draven and a corgi american staffordshire terrier mix named gizmo. They were so cute! What odd mixes do you have or have come in contact with??

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Interesting you should post this... I have a wonderful mixed breed girl that I've had for a year now & I still can not figure out what she is! People stop me during my walks every day to ask me what type of dog she is & I say your guess is as good as mine... Some see Dalmatian - American Bull Dog - Pitbull - Boxer - Spaniel... The latest breed that I believe she has in her is the Dogo Argentino - VERY INTERESTING BREED!
I will post some pics of her & maybe someone will see them & say - "I know what breed(s) that girl is!"
I would love to see other pics of other odd mixes too - There are so many unique dogs out there - It's fun to try & figure out their ingredients...
-Sarah (the proud owner of the sweetest mixed-up mutt!)
Don't have pix, but I once saw a Golden/Corgi mix. It had the torso of a Golden and the legs of a Corgi. I couldn't help but wonder, "How did this happen?".


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