Friends, as you all know my maltese Rio passed away June 28, 2008. Most of you have viewed his video "Sweet Rio," read my "In Loving Memory of Sweet Rio" and my profile that describes what Rio went through, how he passed and what I experienced with him. You all know how deep my love was for my little guy.

Recently, in the last two weeks while at home I have seen what looks like Rio run down the hall way towards the living room. In his final days he was always in the living room. Now, I don't know if it was Rio or if it was just my imagination. From the corner of my eye I see a white fluffy fur ball run right by. I know its not Oliver because he is either with me or sleeping in his bed.

Has anyone experienced this?

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it is so Rio unless it is everywhere you go like mall and places like that
I've only seen Rio twice at home in the hallway. I would start to question myself if I saw him at the mall and other places.So far, its only been two sightings.
Had another sighting of Rio. It was a quick flash. Its normally happens when I have been thinking of him and he is in my thoughts.
You will always be remembered Rio. We BELIEVE.
We lost our beloved Yorkie, Molly this past August. We have seen her several times in the house. She was the only Yorkie, although there are other dogs. we have seen her and felt her presence, and the other dogs have also seen her.
I believe they do come back in spirit sometimes to visit or comfort us. We have her ashes her at the house on our desk,
along with a portrait a friend/artist painted for us. We lost a piece of our heart when we lost her, and it truly is a comfort
when she runs thru the house, even if she is "just passing thru". Peace be with you, and know that you made a big
impression on Rio's heart too if he has come back to visit you too. Usually they only visit a few times to make sure we
are alright and let us know they are fine too, or at least that has been my experience with the ones who have gone on
before Molly.
Thank you for your kind words. I believe you said the key words - that I made a big impression on Rio's heart to have him come back and visit me. My love for Rio was very strong and we bonded immediately that first day we met. I haven't seen Rio lately, but that is ok. I know he is doing just fine. A part of me died when Rio passed, but I know think how blessed I was to have him in my life.

Have a Prosperous New Year !
I hope you keep seeing him when you think of him. That happened to me when I lost my rescue dog Penny. Penny and I were soul mates. She adopted me at a time when I really needed a friend like her. She could read my thoughts and really believed she could understand everything I said to her. She lived to almost 13 and I've never had a dog like her since, although I love my babies now very very much. Anyway, I saw Penny for awhile and then I didn't see her until I really needed to see her. Rio will always be there for you and I hope you continue to see him running around.
I hope your holidays were full of joy! Happy New Year!
Was just thinking of Rio : )
Its true I've seen my little guy again. Seems when I think of Rio I see a vision but only in my hallway at home. Its usually when I am in the kitchen preparing Oliver's meal that I see Rio from the corner of my eye. I will turn around and think it is Oliver...but its not because he is napping in his bed in the living room....I just turn around and say Hi Rio. I accept it as a good & positive sign. Thanks Rio ; )
Thank you all for believing in Rio's sightings. Its him... I know it : )
May 23rd will mark Rio's 14th birthday. I wonder if I will see him on his special day.


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