I came home at late-lunchtime this afternoon to walk my new lovable poodle Moose. When we were 2 or 3 blocks from our house, another small dog yanked its leash from its owner's hands, and charged at us, running and growling. I did my best to keep the attacker off him -- I may have even kicked the dog. But Moose, terrified, pulled his head out of his collar and ran for his life. By the time I scared our attacker off, Moose was nowhere to be seen. We (I, my husband, and assorted neighbors) have been searching for 6 hours, now. Nothing. We even took his best-pug-buddy on our search, thinking that he'd come back to her. Nothing. I've called the local animal hospitals, the one shelter in the area, and the police. Nothing. Nowhere. It's dark, now, and he must be cold, tired hungry -- and frightened. Why won't he come home? If you're in the Englewood/Tenafly New Jersey area, and you see Moose, please contact me at 201-567-4303 or on the site. I'll be waiting.

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Susan, I pray that you find Moose or that he wonders back home. Let us know what happens.
Susan, I pray you find your little one..... sounds like your doing it all. Alice & Missy
Dear friends,

After nearly 3 days, I've finally received two local reports that Moose has been spotted. The most hopeful one is from two litle girls who saw him in the backyard last night -- near where we often take our morning walks. So he's alive -- and trying to come home, I hope.
I've seen Moose!!! -- but instead of running to me after three days on the lam, he ran away from both my husband and me. I followed him as far as I could, into a small local cemetery, but he wouldn't come back. I'm heartbroken that he doesn't seem to trust me, any more. Our dog-walking neighbor who first saw him has suggested opening up a few Benadryl capsules, putting the contents in some fresh meat and throwing them to him when we next spot him. Since we don't think he's eaten since Wednesday, that may knock him out long enough for us to catch him, scoop him up and take him home. Meanwhile, I have a performance to do in Queens this evening. But first, we have to find Moose again. I hope that it's not fear -- but that he thinks this is all a game. Any other suggestions, friends...?
Moose will come back ...he is just checking the hood a little bit.
My Dante scaped a little a few days ago in the middle of the rain, I look for him all over
the place until I run out of gas, one hour and a half later, I was on the Net on Craigs list
(try this, I have found missing dogs for people on this site) and he just walked in, I left my
front door open and all lights in the house on, is Moose microchiped, that helps.
he had a very exiting demenor on him and very happy to be back home, hungry and tired
but safe, I was soooooo happy to see him back, out of nowhere he just walked in
soaked and a little cold but happy.
Make sure your house is accesible in case he tries to get home. I am praying for you
he will be back, if you see him again, don't chaise him or get mad, just baby talk to him
so he comes to you, act like you don't care, he will return.

Good luck.

Dear Ricardo,

Thank you for your advice, and your understanding. Unfortunately, little Moose isn't microchipped. After nearly three days, this morning I started getting phone calls from people who had spotted him in various parts of our neighborhood. One woman who'd just seen our flyer called to say that she'd seen him running toward the next town over just after he was attacked on Wednesday. While we were speaking, my call-waiting beeped -- and a little girl who'd just seen a flyer across from her house said she had seen him Friday night in her backyard, just across the street from where he and I had taken our morning walk on Wednesday. I was hopeful, because it sounded as if he was really trying to find his way home. An hour later, while we were searching for Moose near her house, a policeman called to say that Moose was right in front of him about a mile away. We hurried over, and thank Heaven, he was there. I thought we'd have a real "Lassie Come Home" reunion -- but instead, he ran away from me. I was heartbroken, but we've finally traced him to a small local cemetery -- where the lack of people-traffic and cars seems to make him feel safe. Everyone in that area knows who Moose is, now -- and I'll be staking it out tomorrow morning with delicious food and his blanket from home. I only hope he'll get close enough for me to touch him. Some nearby residents have tried to help by searching for him in the dark -- but I'm afraid that if he no longer feels safe there, he'll move on-- and it will be another three days until he's seen again by anyone. Please keep us in your prayers, Ricardo. We need all the help we can get.


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