just recently about 6 weeks ago my dog was limping and I took him in to see the vet, and the x-ray showed a hair line fractue on the humerus . I followed all the instructions kept him from being to active, and watched him closeley geve him his medication for pain. Kramer was to be seen again in 3 to 4 weeks to see if the fracture was healing, if not the vet would have to place a cast on his right arm?humerus.. when i took kramer in 4 weeks later the fracture was healing but now he is diagnosed wirh bone cancer and the Vet states not much she can do . 1. amputate and chemo cost about 3000.00 and this would prolong his life maybe 6 to 9 mos. she was not sure and the chemo treatment would be 3 times a week. or 2. pain meds and let him live his life until the lord is ready to take him and just keep him on pain med. we chose the pain med and he is home being his loving self until the day comes. we are loving him and he is loving us in return. the vet said there is no medication or cure for bone cancer. thank you for listen to my painful story.

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I lost two beautiful boxers to cancer ...I know the feeling you're going trough...
I'll say a prayer for you and you pooch Kramer, ultimatly it is the quality of life
you want to focus on, pain meds are good to make him confortable, my pets
had the best of life and care, towards the end I was willing to spend thousands
on "Alex" to remove this malicious tumor he had developed in his brain, but my
vet sat me down and told me there were no guarantees, i came to terms and
in about 2 mo later i had to say goodbye to my beautiful boydog.

God bless you and be strong for Kramer and the very best of luck.

Ricardo, thank you and God Bless you.
If you go to the amputation forum at www.handicappedpets.net, you will find a world of tri-pawds who have come through cancer pretty well. The emotional support is only exceeded by the experience of the folks who have been through this and can help you as you make your decisions. There is a financial aid forum there as well. If you live near a big city, there are options, not so much where I live, but I am way in the backwater.
Thank you Karen, God Bless you for your help.


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