There are going to be Puppy Up Walks in over 30 citites in US on November 6th.  The walk is to raise awareness of the leading cause of death in dogs - cancer.  You can go to and learn about this wonderful group.  Click on WALKS and sign up in the city nearest you.  I am in Atlanta, and invite everyone to join us.  We are looking for vendors, participants, and volunteers.  Please come and help save our beloved pets.

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Hi Gayle,

Just tonight I decided to check out "I Remember Love" - It's been quite a while since I've been on this site - facebook seems to be taking over these days... Well, it's November 6th in the evening so we missed the Puppy Up Walk but I did get out & walk my puppy! :)  Hope you had a great turn-out - sounds like a wonderful event.

Take Care.



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