Its been a little over 7 months since Rio’s passing. It seems like it was only yesterday that our little sweet Rio passed to Rainbow Bridge. Time does heal and each day is better. When he passed away on June 28, 2008, I truly believed I would never overcome the numbness I felt for weeks after his passing. I felt like I was in the fog. It felt like I was in a dream ; I have to wake up and Rio will be here with me.
My heart still aches for Rio. My mind wanders to the beautiful times we had together. I think of when Rio first met my boyfriend Lonnie. Rio ran up to him and snapped his ankle twice. Rio was always very protective of me. Rio loved life . He loved going in the car for rides and sticking his head out the window. He would play the “howling” game with Lonnie. Lonnie always spoiled him and Rio loved it. Rio would sit on Lonnie’s chest when were sleeping and start pawing Lonnie’s face in a very playful way. I remember when Rio use to curl his lip like Elvis. Rio was a very happy maltese.

As I write this I get teary eyed. I think back to the 12 wonderful years Rio , Lonnie and I had. And the wonderful 9 years Rio had with Oliver. Rio stayed with us as long as his body and soul would let him. But, when God called him on June 28th, 2008 Rio was ready. But, I wasn’t even though Rio had been ill I thought this little guy was invincible.
I have comfort knowing that Rio loved us and we loved him dearly. Also, knowing that Rio is no longer suffering brings me comfort.

I will always remember Rio and will keep him alive in my heart.

I would like to read stories of anyone who has lost a pet and what they went through.

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So touching Elsa! I can feel the love you have for Rio as I read your words & of course, it makes me think of my little Chia!

I was going through Chia's paperwork today & came upon all sorts of things I've saved throughout the years - her obedience class certificate, her info. on her parents, her "official" papers and much more! We were so lucky to have these little "guys" in our lives & there is so much love to give to other animals when the time is right. I'm so happy that Angel & I found each other - She really is not what I'd expect I would pick for my next dog but there is definitely something so sweet about her & she has bonded so quickly with me! This looks like a long & happy relationship!
I wish you many more happy, healthy years with Oliver.

I'll be in touch with more stories - I have lots of them - I just need to spend the time to write them down. :)
And, keep on posting your stories - I love reading them & It keeps our dogs of the past alive in our hearts forever.

Take care of yourself & I send my hugs your way.

You will have to fill me in with your new adventures with Angel. I understand the bonding with a dog. Its a wonderful feeling when it happens and by gosh you will know when it happens - its magical !
Oliver has helped me so much with the grieving. I will forever be so grateful to him.
Keep me reading as well with your stories of Angel.
You and I bonded in a very special way because of Rio and Chia. We became even closer when they both left us only two days apart. You and I were able to comfort each other during a very difficult time.

Always here to read your stories and view your pictures.

Take Care

Reading this, I can feel the love you shared with Rio. Hope his memories fill your heart, and remember, love is eternal, his love is still with you.
Maritza, Thank you for such a beautiful and comforting comment.
I share you pain and heart ache. Its been 3 months since my boy Rusty went to the rainbow Bridge. I miss him so much and think of my boy all the time, We have adopted another dog. But Rusty is always in my heart forever.

Many thoughts are with you as you think of Reo.
Karin, yes I remember when Rusty passed around Thanksgiving....if I remember correctly. Have fun with your new precious little one. My thoughts are with you.
Linda, I read your story on Scooter. My Rio was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease (heart condition) but he never reached the point of congestive heart failure (he was fortunate). What took a toll on Rio's body and mind was doggie alzehmiers. Scooter and Rio I am sure are looking down at us....with love !
Thanks and yes our sweet Rusty passed away 2 days before Thanksgiving. I miss him so much. I love Amber but my heart still hurts for my boy.
I too share your loss and pain. My Maltese Jeepers passed just days after Rio. What a character! I could write a book. Maybe someday I will. We had a history together. A history of dog shows, championships, tricks, curled up together watching TV , traveling together and even trying to reproduce a little ancestor to carry on his joyful traits. Unfortunately, as a teacup, he could never reach the 2 females he tried with. There will never be another Jeepers. All who know me, knew Jeepers. We were never apart except when I went to work each day. He always greeted me running down the walkway with the biggest smile. It is still hard each time I drive into my driveway. I had 12 1/2 terrific years of being with Jeepers. I am so grateful for those years.

I too tear up talking about him. I too think of him always, even though I am now the proud owner of Izzy, my little 8 month old Shih Tzu. It took me a while to bond with her, I admit . But now we have bonded and she brings me new joy and hopefully many happy memories, as Jeepers did. However, Jeepers, like your beloved pets, stays in my heart forever.

What wonderful memories we all make with these creatures God sends our way, to share our love and bring us joy, for the time we get to have them. It is one of my prayers that it is not true about animals not going to heaven. Because the first one I will look to greet me at the pearly gates, will be Jeepers with his big smile and tongue hanging.

Thanks for letting me share these memories with you. I enjoy reading yours too.

Judy, I was touched by your comments and loved reading about Jeepers. True, we have such lovely memories of her tiny loved ones. I am fortunate enough that I can bring my little ones to work. Oliver is with me 24/7 and God Bless his little heart that he has helped me with the grieiving process. Jeepers & Rio are frolicking around Rainbow Bridge. I look forward to the day that I see Rio again. Take Care, Elsa
What a touching story. Grieving takes its twist and turns on us, doesn't it. Just when you think your suffering eases, you see a little toy of theirs, or see a commercial for pet food that has a dog/or cat that looks just like yours and the memories come flooding back. All you have are those wonderful memories to hold close to your heart and make you smile! Animals are such a wonderful part of our lives, and we get so close to them that when they decide to leave us we are heart broken and don't know what to do with ourselves! I can't imagine the heartbrake I will feel when I loose my baby Izzy! But having her here as long the Good Lord lets me have her is worth the pain I will endure when she leaves me! God Bless you and I keep you in my thoughts...only time heals!
You have that right Jamie, You go the store and see his or her favorite treets, his favorite place to lie down, his dishes, its really tuff.


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