Its been a little over 7 months since Rio’s passing. It seems like it was only yesterday that our little sweet Rio passed to Rainbow Bridge. Time does heal and each day is better. When he passed away on June 28, 2008, I truly believed I would never overcome the numbness I felt for weeks after his passing. I felt like I was in the fog. It felt like I was in a dream ; I have to wake up and Rio will be here with me.
My heart still aches for Rio. My mind wanders to the beautiful times we had together. I think of when Rio first met my boyfriend Lonnie. Rio ran up to him and snapped his ankle twice. Rio was always very protective of me. Rio loved life . He loved going in the car for rides and sticking his head out the window. He would play the “howling” game with Lonnie. Lonnie always spoiled him and Rio loved it. Rio would sit on Lonnie’s chest when were sleeping and start pawing Lonnie’s face in a very playful way. I remember when Rio use to curl his lip like Elvis. Rio was a very happy maltese.

As I write this I get teary eyed. I think back to the 12 wonderful years Rio , Lonnie and I had. And the wonderful 9 years Rio had with Oliver. Rio stayed with us as long as his body and soul would let him. But, when God called him on June 28th, 2008 Rio was ready. But, I wasn’t even though Rio had been ill I thought this little guy was invincible.
I have comfort knowing that Rio loved us and we loved him dearly. Also, knowing that Rio is no longer suffering brings me comfort.

I will always remember Rio and will keep him alive in my heart.

I would like to read stories of anyone who has lost a pet and what they went through.

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Thank you Jaime, you are right about the memories flooding back. I get my breathless moments when I think of Rio. I think I have these moments because sadly Rio passed away in my arms and I felt his last three heart beats. Right when he passed I saw a bright light around Rio and I became dizzy at that moment. Even as I write this I get teary eyed remembering that moment. Rio and I were one at that moment. But, time does heal and I do smile when I think of my little guy. I am blessed to have Oliver with me (my other maltese)
Thank you again for your comforting words.
How funny! We both have Izzy's! My family used to say they would have to bury me if anything ever happened to Jeepers. Well, of course I pulled through, as we all do, and still though heartbreaking, we are better humans for knowing our beloved pets. I would not give anything for my 12 1/2 years with Jeepers. I will always (as long as my health allows) have a dog, or 2 and maybe cats again some day. (I used to have Persians.) But by far, Jeepers was the dog of my life. Enjoy your little Izzy, as I will mine, and when their time comes we will share our grief and move on to maybe another, different chapter in our lives with another dog....God bless, Judy.
I can feel the love in those words that you had for Rio. And I know how it is when you talk about them and the tears start coming. I lost my Teddy Bear in Dec. of '07 and although I only had him for 4 years, he touched my heart like no other dog has and I miss him dearly. I have a short story about him on my page....My Sweet Teddy Bear. Each time I lose a dog I more I have 7 of them so I guess I'll be going through alot more heartbreak. But, the love they give just can't compare. Rest in peace Rio...along with my Teddy Bear and my many other dogs that went before him.
Steph, Thank you for your lovely words. I remember reading your story about Teddy. But, I will read it again.
We as parents have a special bond with our pets...and you are right by saying "never again". However, the unconditional love they give is beautiful. The memories are always here for us to recall can we not want another pet. I'm glad that I have my little 9 year old maltese Oliver....without a pet companion in my life - it would be strange. Bless our little Teddy and Rio !
Well, Oliver sure is a cutie! I just love this breed so much that I have 3! LOL In fact, I was just now going to do their daily face washing and brushing. I have one in full coat and the other two in what they call a modified lamb cut....sorta in between long and short. They sure are great dogs and although I love my Yorkies, I'd never get another one....Maltese for me from now on! lol
Good Morning Steph,

Yes, Oliver is a cutie. He really is a small dog. I love Maltese just like you do : ) Oliver comes with me to work and I love it..He is a great companion driving to work and just being with me when we run errands. When friends see me without Oliver the first thing they ask is where is Ollie? The only time we are apart is when he is with the groomer (minutes from where I work). Its funny but when I am walking around with Oliver people think I am holding a stuffed animal. Enjoy your day with your pooches....Oliver is here with me snuggled up - its raining here in Glendale, CA. Take Care Elsa
I lost my little Buffy, also a maltese, on Dec. 30, 2006. Buffy would have been 7 in May of 2007. To lose her at such a young age was even more heartbreaking. Buffy developed an in-operable cancerous tumor in her neck and lasted 9 weeks after her diagnosis. She too tried to stay, but when the pain got to where she cried out loud, I decided to let her go on to doggie heaven. I still miss her today, over two years later, and this letter brings a tear to my eyes for her. The constant hurt get less and less, but you don't ever forget. and I don't want to forget. My condolances and prayers are with you...
Oh I can relate to your grief. I put my beloved 14 year old Maltese Susie to sleep on February 28th. It was so hard. I have cried so much over her not being with me. But, she was losing mobility in her back legs and frankly, she was looking so uncomfortable. I miss her everyday. Now her ashes sit on my fireplace at home.

I miss how she would snuggle right up to me on my couch and how she would make her funny cooing sounds when she would clean her paws. Or when she used to run around my family room when she knew I was preparing her dinner. She lived for her chicken.

I had surgery last Friday to remove two large ovarian cysts. Rather than feeling sad for once about her not being there with me through this, I prayed two days before the surgery and asked her to be with me instead. I can't feel her around me. Maybe it is because I am taking pain medication that makes me feel like I am in left field, but I feel comforted in knowing that she loves me and is probably with me when I sleep. I sleep a lot right now.

The prayer seemed to help me in my saddest moments. Don't be afraid to express your grief. We love our pets dearly and the loss is like losing a human. It is the same feelings. Allow yourself to express your grief. Some people won't understand, but any pet owner would understand.

Lot's of Love to you,



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