Since my last post, we have been to the doctor to have Alex's stitches
removed, since he decided he didn't want children, and to have Sam eyes
checked because he had an infection. The pollen is really tough on all
of us. While we were at the doctor's office Sam found out that he has
tiny cataracts in both eyes. My heart is broken. Does anyone have any
suggestions of what steps we need to take from here?

Love Sam and Alex's Mom

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My Maltese, Goliath(GoLee, to his friends and family) was diagnosed with diabetes last year and soon started developiing cataracs which grew rapidly. I was devasted but couldn't afford the surgery he needed for his eyes so decided we would just have to try and live with the situation. I believe he is really dealing better than I am. He gets around the house just fine but sometimes walks up to the wall where he thinks the door is but as soon as he hears you speak to him he adjusts and trots right in. Have met some friends at the vet who have similar situations and they advised me to keep things in and around the house pretty much as he had always know nthem and sure enough, he seems to be the same happy little fellow I have always known. He came to me after another Maltese I had had and loved for years died. Someone called and said they had me a new dog...I said no until I learned he was an abused and neglected Maltese..took a little getting used to--house training,etc. because he had been kept in a cat crate all the time except for two potty outings a day..Who couild turn him down???He is a jewel.. ..Cordially, Miriam
Hi Sam,

Cataracts can be removed by surgery. How old is Alex ? My Minnie had diabetes -induced cataracts which I had removed successfully-this was done soon after diagnosis. ( she was only 5 at the time ).Once the cataracts mature then chances of successfull surgery decrease.
You need to discuss this with your vet who may refer you to an opthalmic surgeon. They do tests to ascertain whether your dog will be a successful candidate for the surgery. Warning- its expensive..

Sam is 10 years old (he had a birthday April 25). I will discuss this with Sam's vet, but I think she will refer me to Auburn University Animal Hospital. We may not be able to afford his surgery since I am a single mom with two babies (Sam and Alex). I have read about this supplement that you could give to them. Have you heard of it? It is from NuVet Labs?


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