Our little Chihuahua Sissy passed away in December of 05 and we know the heart ache you feel. She passed away while we were holding her and we were with her when she took her last breath. We were so lucky to be with her and comforting her. She passed away at home so we were lucky there too. May you be Blessed by All the Good memories you Will have instead of the sad ones. A friend you will always hold dear in your heart. Betty

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Dear Betty, I am Mariel, I understand your pain because last Sunday, one of my dogs, Polly passed away, We found her in the garden and I thought she was sleeping , but unfortunatelly she was dead.She was a stray dog that I adopted, I tried to give her a happy life and I think she was very happy and full of love, I have another 3 dogs, 2 of them adopted and a poodle that a friend of mine gave me as a gift. No matter I know tht Polly was happy I remember her and cry can't avoid this.
Now we both have two angels watching over us.


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