Saturday, January 12, 2002, 4 days after two sheriff's deputies were gunned down in cold blood a mile down the road, I found a dog in my yard who had been shot. He was a living breathing skeleton. I called my vet and we discussed if I took him to the pound he would be put down. She would assess him and see. He had to be a charity case. I lay him on the cold slab at the hospital, he had a room full of people around him, but as I stood behind him talkin baby talk, he leaned his head back against my chest so he could look at me. He had the most amazing blue eyes.. I left him there and the rest of the weekend all I could do was cry about him. Monday I got on the phone calling all humanes and rescues looking for help. Everyone dropped what they were doing to help this dog they did not know. I went back to visit him Monday night and Doc Henry said, we have really bad news. He's been hit by a car and his hips are crushed. He estimated the hips were a 4 month old injury and the shot anywhere from days to weeks. Both bones in the front leg were shattered by the shot. Donations came pouring in, the media took an interest in this wild little dog. Doc said after donations he would do the rest for free. Then Doc said he will never walk, never co-exisst with other dogs, never be a house dog, he was so wild. Doc schedule him to be PTS 4 days after I found him. I could not accept this and lay myself over him sobing with a collar in hand so he could die with a family. He would have his family, too late, but he was coming home. We raised enough $$ for hip surgery and front leg casting. He not only walked, he ran he jumped (front leg bending in half at times). He had seven MAGNIFICENT YEARS before his aches and pains robbed his face of its beautiful smile. I will always gauge my life by St.Jude. He never complained, he never whined why me, he laughed every day. A little shot crushed and starved puppy changed the way I look at the world. The first picture is his 'before'. The second is St.Jude being Jude. Check out that great smile!

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I'm so glad he had love before his days were over. I cried as I read this. God bless you and everyone who helped him. Mary
Wonderful testimony on the power of love, I admire your work for Jude, and the lessons you learned from him.

This is a heart felt and fantastic witness that we should all read and take to heart!
In the book of Proverbs: it speaks of the man who loves his animals as being righteous before God...
You gave this animal love and a good life, you can take comfort in that.

Thanks for sharing Karen, peace to you
CH Roland
Bless you for taking care of St. Jude your miracle dog. It wasn't by accident that you both met. Both learned from each other. He was lucky to have you give him a beautiful life and you my dear learned so much from him.
The most amazing thing about St.Jude was the effect he had on people. Everyone I spoke to in the early daze cried with me, he grabbed ahold of my heart, folks in Georgia were donating to save a puppy in South Carolina who never had a chance. When he got home from the hospital and rehab, I had to build a ramp because the 20 # dog I rescued was gaining serious weight (when he died he was about 80#) and I could no longer carry him, I had to drag him on a sheet. I went to Home Depot with my first picture of Jude dying in the hospital, and every one cried with me. We got scraps of lumber, the employees cut and built the ramp, and had a remnant of carpet grass they nailed to the ramp. Humanes and rescues committed to help saving this pup in 3 counties and 2 states. His effect on people was the most amazing thing about St.Jude. There were several followup articles in the newspaper about him so folks could see he made a rather miraculous recovery, given his injuries. His internal organs and nerves were tied in knots because of scar tissue, his left hip had an fho his right hip was out of alignment by inches. It just never occured to either Jude or myself that he would not recover. Never entered our minds. He delighted my soul and I will miss his goofy smile for the rest of my days.

My Deafblind Gabriel adored his St.Jude, and little Albin adores Gabriel. I call this picture Naptime. St.Jude is looking for a way AWAY from these white puppies who jump on him.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments.


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