My poodle had a stroke three weeks ago,has any else experienced this?
I noticed he was quieter than usual,then one night he couldn`t get up on his bed and i noticed he hadn`t pooped for four days.Took him to the vet who of course examined him he said he had not hip displacement and did not react when moving and pulling the legs so wasn`t in pain,nor was there any build up in the bowel.He gave me some arthritic medication and stated a blood test would show if he had arthritis or not. Three days later still no poos and had trouble up and down the stairs.also he has a curly tail that always sits on top of his back and it was hanging down straight,in the 7 years i have had him i have never seen that tail uncurl....then it happened... his back legs started to go from underneath him, he started walking in circles,he didn`t respond when i called him..rushed to the vet who was shocked at the deterioration in him compared to 3 days ago,he wasn`t responding to any thing, the vet asked me was he blind and deaf ? as he appeared he could not see or hear us..i knew he wasn`t.....that was a long night..i had night shift that night and feared i would come home to a dead dog,the friends i rang to look after him were not at home,i cried all night and worried myself sick.( I prayed to Saint Francis of Assisi to look after him)...When i walked in the door here was this bright eyed poodle standing at the top of the stairs wagging his tail at me, I rang the vet to tell him and he said that it sounded like a stroke although in vet terms it is not called a stroke.
He is almost totally recovered the only thing he gets tired quicker now and when he gets tired his tail hangs down,but he is alert and responsive and very smoochy. I searched on the internet apparently they can have one then a few days later totally recover. I realised that i may not have my best boy for a long time as i thought,he may have another ? it may be 12 months before he has another? there is no telling.

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