This is an incredible story about a dog named Faith who was born with a birth defect that caused her to only have two legs.

"Faith Stringfellow is an amazing little dog, with an even more amazing story. Faith suffered from a birth defect, she became a member of our family when she was just a three-week old puppy. My son Reuben (17) picked Faith out of a litter of puppies that his friend's dog had recently given birth to. Several of the puppies were deformed; a few had already died. The mother dog was actually trying to terminate Faith's life when Reuben lifted her weak body out from under the mother dog; he brought her home to me knowing I had a heart like a marshmellow." - 2008

She was born in 2002 with 3 legs - 2 healthy hind legs and 1 abnormal front leg which needed to be amputated.

“The whole concept behind my dog is faith and I named her Faith. And I can't give up hope or give up faith,” Stringfellow said.

Now after a long hard trial of 6 months, it is amazing to experience God's grace that broke through the barrier to form a unique character as I have witnessed today.
Giving Thanks To God. For His Love, Mercy and Grace endures forever. - mine emphasis

PS: 1 human year = 7 doggie years. So, let's spend time well.
For faith takes us from here to eternity.
The talents which He entrusts us with represents: our knowledge of Jesus and His gospel our
relationship with Jesus, and the abilities (talents) He has given us to further His Kingdom.
These are the only things that are truly important to Him. That is why He wants to "settle
accounts". He is not literally referring to money; He owns everything and He does not need us
to make Him more money or give Him anything. What He really wants are people to be
and to be faithful.

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