After a few weeks of not feeling too well, Ti'ana was sent for an ultrasound. Her liver and spleen were covered with tumors, filled with blood and cancer. The vet informed me that although she seemed ok today, It would only be a matter of days before she passed on, and it would be horrible for her. I did what I thought was best and put her down, while she laid in my arms. She was like a child to me, a best friend, a companion. And having her not greet me with tons of kisses this morning is breaking my heart. She had just turned 12 last month. She was a strong, loving dog who gave my family and I many happy years, as I hope we did for her. She took a piece of my heart to that Rainbow Bridge, and she is now romping with Shana, my first dog. We cry for so many selfish reasons. Angels on earth, animals are.... and for that God should have given them many many more years to roam here and love their families. This site has always given me inspiration and I hope it continues to do. Love them with all you have, every day! She inspired me every day to be the best person I could be.... and will truly be missed.

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My condolences on your loss. I understand what you are going through. I lost my maltese Rio on June 28, 2008. Rio passed away in my arms. I remember that day as it was yesterday. This site helped me with my loss. I'm hear to lend an ear if you need someone. You can read Rio's story in my profile. I will check out your profile and view pictures of Ti'Ana. What a beautiful did you come up with this name?

Take Care and know that my little Rio is taking care of Ti'Ana and frolicking in Rainbow Bridge.
Thank for your support. When we adoptoed her as a pup, I was reading a book. There was a character in their with that name and it was supposed to mena : of strength and courage" Which was so very true. The house is so quiet now, noone to greet me as I come home.
I truly hope they all are waiting on the Bridge for us.

My heart goes out to you & your family.

I lost my girl, Chia of 16 years on 6/30/08 & it was the hardest thing ever!

They give us so much love & understanding - it's like no other feeling.
Cherish your memories & know you did what was best for your girl. And you need to take time to grieve but don't forget those great memories!

Actually "Maltese Mom" & I talked a lot when our dogs passed on and still talk - It really helps to have somebody that's gone through the same thing to help you get through it. This site is great! I wrote a lot on this site about grieving when my girl passed on.

My thoughts are with you.
I just joined this site. I just put down my beloved 14 year old Maltese three days ago. I chose to have her put down after the vet told me that she had a slipped disc and that she was in pain. She was losing mobility in both her back legs. She went downhill in less than a week. The vet told me that they could do surgery, but there was not guarrantee or they could prolong her life with pain medication temporarily. She was starting to suffer. So I made the difficult decision to put her to sleep. My boyfriend and I held her as the vet did it.

Now like you, my house is so quiet. I had such hard time emotionally walking into the door after work yesterday. I miss all her silly little sounds. She was with me when I went through my divorce, bought a new house and changed jobs. And at night when I would cry because my marriage ended, she woud lay right at my feet and stay with me. We were together all through it.

I felt blessed because during the last few weeks, my boyfriend would put her in bed with me on my days off. She would snuggle right up to me and go to sleep. I would wake up and her little head would be on my shoulder. She would be sound asleep.

Susie helped me find my own strength and I admired her for her independence and patience. I know she is in a better place, but right now, I miss her physical prescence so much!

Tonight, I will be picking up a foster dog from the Sacrament SPCA. My boyfriend and I went to a training for it before Susie went downhill. So I will help new foster dog as he heals from his kenel cough and he will help me heal from Susie's passing.
Hi Kara and thanks for the message! It is a wonderful thing to be a foster parent! It is still hard to come into the house...and I still feel her here. We have her ashes here now... I know I will adopt again, but maybe by summer when I am home from work and can train a baby. Ti'ana proved to me and everyone else how much I need a dog in my life, even beyond some human companions. There was this email sent to me last week or so...just a fiction story about a 6 year old that is with his family when they put his dog down..when hearing the adults talking about why God only puts them here with us for a short time, the boy replies "He said, 'People are born so that they can learn how to live a good Life -- like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?' The Six-year-old continued, 'Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay as long" ........ and I guess this says it all. Give your foster baby many kisses from me!
Thank you Angela. I have my new dog Boomer on lap as I am writing this. I am crying as I am typing this. I will give him some extra kissses from you! He still can't replace my Susie. I found her collar this evening in my car. Little things like that make me remember things about her. I liked your pet story. The vet called me a few days ago to tell me that her ashes were ready too, but I just could not pick them up. So my boyfriend Gordon will pick them up for me. I would like to buy a little granite or marble plaque for her and bury her ashed in my back yard. I was thinking about planting some wildflowers or some special little flower near her.

Lot's of Love to You,

I too, am looking into a marble plaque. Today is a month... and it seems worse that yesterday.... Give Boomer extra kisses from me!
Lots of love back,
I wish my friend Kathy had a computer her Boxer of 14 years,yes 14 that is a long life life for a Boxer, has recently passed, her grief is real and relentless,the emptiness of no one to greet her,feeling her back against her in the morning,that mournful howling that a boxer has when saying hello. Grieving for a Pet is as real as grieving for a human,we go through the exact same process.Her house was full of cards and flowers just like it is when a person dies, children in her street are upset as they all knew Sofie, seeing that dog bed empty is ripping her heart out BUT we must let ourselves go through this and the cruel people who are not dog lovers saying but it was a dog stabs deep at our wounds,they are not only dogs they are all souls that have come to share our lives and make our own souls learn and grow and the world would be a sad horrible lifeless place without them. Each afternoon i take my dogs to the dog park, there we meet our friends of all different shapes and sizes and breeds,some rescued some bought from expensive pet shops, some welfare dogs but the reaction with each human being is the same they are our family,they create a social life for us,we often laugh about how we know all the dogs names but not always the owners name.So many of us gather there now that the council has put in park seats for us,people with out animals their life must be pretty boring. Lots of hugs and kisses to all our fur kids both in Heaven and on earth.
My golden Hamilton was just disgnosised with cancer and has had a few really good days...... this horrible disease comes on so quick and takes our heart swiftly. it is never easy to say goodbye but it is comforting to know we will see them again at the Rainbow Bridge. My thoughts are with you as you grieve.
Hi Judy. I just read your post. After Ti'ana passed, I researched and found that Goldens tend to get cancer, esp of the liver, more than other breeds. I still miss her like it was yesterday. I now have another found dog, who I hope has a better life than what she seemed to have before... but it seems each dog takes so much of your heart, and it is only theirs...but every time you get another your heart just gets bigger to fit them all. I hope you are doing well.
I am so sorry to hear about your dog, but trust me I know the feeling as I just lost my little munchkin. Robbi I call his name when i put food down for my other dog and i think oh my gosh I am loosing my mind. He was so sweet. I had the Dogster put wings on my Robbies pics did you get wings for your dog yet?
Well hope that his memories live on in your heart.
No.. I never put wings.. maybe I should look into it.. it sounds sweet.


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