After a few weeks of not feeling too well, Ti'ana was sent for an ultrasound. Her liver and spleen were covered with tumors, filled with blood and cancer. The vet informed me that although she seemed ok today, It would only be a matter of days before she passed on, and it would be horrible for her. I did what I thought was best and put her down, while she laid in my arms. She was like a child to me, a best friend, a companion. And having her not greet me with tons of kisses this morning is breaking my heart. She had just turned 12 last month. She was a strong, loving dog who gave my family and I many happy years, as I hope we did for her. She took a piece of my heart to that Rainbow Bridge, and she is now romping with Shana, my first dog. We cry for so many selfish reasons. Angels on earth, animals are.... and for that God should have given them many many more years to roam here and love their families. This site has always given me inspiration and I hope it continues to do. Love them with all you have, every day! She inspired me every day to be the best person I could be.... and will truly be missed.

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Oh I am so sorry for all of your losses.  Your story about Angel is heart breaking, Bill.  So very very sorry!


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