Hi everyone a friend told me about your wonderful website.  I have been reading all the posts and my pup's story pales in comparison.

I found out that there is such a thing as mast cell cancer this week.  It has been a long and scary seven days.  I have had four dogs in my adult life, two have passed away.  Those two had questionable masses that turned out to be benign.  So when my little boy's mass came back as cancer I was blown over. My little family has been very lucky.

Murphy is a 4 year old, huge but not fat, yorkie and maltese fuzz ball at 20lbs.  His hair is long because it is winter. He had a bit of a poop on his bottom that and was getting cleaned him up in the sink.  I noticed a lump near is anus.  I thought it was an inflamed gland.  I made him an appointment the next day.  Weirdly it looked a lot better the next day. I found out later that this is common this type of tumor.   The vet said it was a tumor and needed to be biopsied right away.  He needed to be sedated so we scheduled for an OR visit on Monday.  Mast Cell Cancer was diagnosed but the country vet did not want to operate it where it was and suggested a specialist.

Murphy went Ocean State State Veterinary Specialists in East Greenwich RI for a consultation on Tuesday of this week.  He had an ultrasound and CBC drawn.  The ultrasound was negative and the blood work was good.  He had surgery last night.  He is being discharged today.  They said he has a skin flap at the base of his tail.  They were only able to take a 1/2 cm margin on the anus side which is troublesome.  I hope it will not be to difficult to keep clean. 

They said he may need radiation depending on the tumor grading.

I am so glad I brought him into see the vet as quick as I did.  He had a check up and shots about 6 weeks before this was noticed.  I wonder if it grew really quick or if it was just missed.  When in doubt bring them in for a visit.


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We will be praying for you and Murphy---all of us in this group know exactly how you are feeling and how frightened you are. Please let us know how Murphy is doing and of course how you are doing also. Many of us are friends on Facebook as well and support each other as much as we can. My "kids" Benso, Gypsy and Daisy send Murphy smooches!

Hi Lynn,

Welcome!  I have to tell you that the wonderful people on this site have been a saving grace for me.  Everyone in this group understands and empathizes with you.  It is horribly scary finding a growth.  Of course, the good thing is that it has been found and a treatment plan can be developed quickly so that Murphy makes a full recovery and is able to get love and cuddles from you for many, many years to come.  And you're right ... when in doubt, check it out!

Murphy and you are in our thoughts!  Just give him lots of love and comfort him.  Hope his discharge has gone smoothly and that he's making a healthy recovery with you!

Hi Lynne and welcome!  I have said it before, but it's always kind of bittersweet when a new member joins--because it means another loved little doggie has been diagnosed with cancer!  But, you couldn't have found a more wonderful, warm, caring, group of people for support, comfort, and information as you embark on this scary journey!  Please keep us posted on Murphy's treatment and hopeful progress, and give him a snuggle from me, Daisy & Peanut!♥


Hi Lynne, 

Welcome!  I hope you will find lots of peace and comfort here...maybe make some friends along the way.  I have "met" some wonderful people here!  Unfortunately, we are all here because we have had dogs fighting cancer!  Folks here understand what you are going through and can offer advice, comfort, or just an ear to listen.

Prayers for Murphy, you and your family. Hopefully he is home now & recuperating from his surgery!

Update on Murphy:  He was released Saturday afternoon.  The incision is humungous!  I took pictures but they are to gross to post.  He cried & panted  all night.  Sunday was a little better but the stitches started oozing during the night.  So back to the hospital today.  Off Toradol and onto something else.  The Toradol actually made him crazy.  I don't know if he was hallucinating or what.  They had to give him a shot to calm him down.  I think he was afraid he was going to be left there again.  They said it looked irritated but alright and put him on antibiotics.  How is it not going to get irritated? It's not covered and he sits on it not to mention what else comes from there.  I think I could use a shot to calm down too.

Thank you for all your comments and happy thoughts.

Hi Lynne,

Prayers still coming your way! The Tramadol had the same effect on my Bailey too. It either knocked him out or made him crazy. It also made him constipated. Make sure you ask for something in case that happens. We wouldn't want Murphy to strain those stitches right out of there! Take care of yourself too---have a glass of wine and try to take a nap when he sleeps!

Keep up the good work and keep posting!

Update on Murphy:  He went back to the OR last night do to an E-Coli infection.  Cleaned and stitched up again.  The tumor came back as a Stage 2.  They think they got it all so they don't recommend radiation. 

Sorry to say, was the 1st night I slept in a week because he was in the hospital.  He seems good at the moment, resting on the floor on his bed right now.  Hopefully he stays like that way until morning. 

I hope all is quiet and peaceful for you both tonight. You don't have to be sorry for needing a good night's sleep. We've all been there--sleeping on the floor next to a whimpering dog is no fun. Did they say they were doing any other treatment at all or do they feel he is all OK? We'll keep good thoughts coming your way!

Hope you had a peaceful night and that Murphy is doing well!  Yes ... unfortunately we do all know what it's like to be so exhausted ... both mentally and physically when caring for our puppies.  Hope they have managed to get everything and that Murphy will continue to recover.  He and you are still in our prayers!


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