Hello Friends,

It's been so long since we've gotten together, I assumed that the group no longer existed. I am very happy to be re-acquainted with everyone here.

I posted many time about our beloved Golden boy Scooby, who survived advanced canine lymphoma. He passed in March 2016 at the ripe old age of 13. I wanted to share the tribute I wrote for him with the group:

Remembering Scooby



His life was nothing short of miraculous.

His signature look was “the smile”; a wide friendly grin with big brown eyes that invited you to look into his soul as he looked into yours.

His signature move was the tail wag, although he never just wagged his tail; he wagged his whole posterior with such a force that nothing nearby was safe.

His signature sound was the “love noise” a guttural sound, somewhere between a growl and a purr that Goldens make when they see those that they love. And he made it joyously, enthusiastically, and loudly.

And frequently, he would do all of these together, jubilantly welcoming me home when I returned from a business trip or even just a day at work.

And yet for all of his enthusiasm, he had a very calming presence. He viewed the world as his own, walking about confidently, assuming he was welcome everywhere and wagging his tail as he walked about. But even though it was his world, he welcomed you into it. I have never known a creature of any species so comfortable in his own skin.

Each of our Goldens had a distinguishing personality trait. Our first, Odie, was the smartest. Our third, Fenway, is the most…well, let’s just say exuberant. And Scooby was easily the most compassionate. Put Scooby in a room with 5 people and he would immediately sense who needed comforting. He would walk over to them, approach them calmly, and sit by their side. Some people, especially children, who were otherwise afraid of dogs, were not afraid of Scooby. They would pet him and be calmed. That was the effect he had on people.

He learned a lot from his big brother, Odie, and he taught a lot to his little brother Fenway. Together Scooby and Fenway were known as “the Frat Boys”; they brought the party, especially to the Scottish and Irish music festivals they loved attending. Fenway was the outgoing party boy, Scooby the wingman; the George Clooney to Fenway’s Brad Pitt. They made friends with the musicians and people remembered them from year to year. Scooby acquired a fondness for Guinness, Haggis, and Irish Stew served in bread bowls. Each festival had its own culinary rituals and delights.

The “Scooby Years” were certainly tumultuous and eventful. Our girls graduated high school and college. Alice and I transitioned from being parents to grandparents. The economic crisis of late 2000s with its downsizings and uncertainty affected us more than once. We moved from Texas to Missouri, back to Texas, and then ultimately wound up splitting our time between Texas and Illinois. Caitie suffered a bad accident while cheerleading (but recovered fully). I had cancer surgery. There were births and deaths, triumphs and tragedies. And Scooby was there though it all providing a positive, calming beacon in the darkness and uncertainty. And let’s not forget, he lived to see the Red Sox win a World Series not once, not twice, but three times.

When Scooby was 5 and a-half years old, he was diagnosed with advanced canine lymphoma and given 4-6 months to live. We opted to go with chemotherapy thinking it might give him an extra 6 months to a year. He surprised us all by living 7 and a half years beyond his diagnosis. Recently the cancer returned, but it was mercifully swift. He was weak, but did not appear to be in pain, and died peacefully in his sleep last week, just two week shy of his 13th birthday.

So I miss Scooby, but I celebrate his life! And I realize that every day since July of 2008 was a day with him we weren’t supposed to have. And seven and a half years of days we weren’t supposed to have is both a miracle and a blessing. He’s back with Odie now, and I like to think of them taking long walks in the hereafter with my Grandfather. Until the day I see you again, Godspeed my very, very best friend!  And next time I see you, I’ll be bringing the Guinness.

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What a wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing.

What a lovely tribute to Scooby—and your family.  One of the first pups I thought of when I came back to this site was Scooby and his fierce fight and AMAZING ass-kicking of cancer!  He was an inspiration to all of us going through the same battle with our pups!  
We are on our second pair of Vizslas.  Phoebe was our first and the one that brought me to this group.  We got an extra year with her after her diagnosis of Plasma Cell cancer, which was a gift to be able to say goodbye; and we lost her just shy of 10.

After our hearts had healed a bit, it became obvious that our remaining pup Daisy was getting lonely and we brought a feisty pup named Peanut into our lives who’s life was a bit of a miracle in itself.  She was not even seen on the ultrasound until the very last week before her mom gave birth, and if she had delivered on her due date, Peanut would not be with us.  Luckily her mom was a week late, and thanks to her breeder who is a nurse, Peanut was bottle fed and given intravenous fluids, and thrived.  
We unfortunately lost Daisy to a brain tumor just two years after Phoebe at 12 when Peanut was not even a year old yet.  After taking time to grieve and ready our hearts yet again, we let Peanut really decide when she was ready for a new playmate as she was enjoying being an only dog—until she wasn’t—and we welcomed Gracie into our family.  Gracie is the daughter of Peanut’s sister Ditto, so Peanut’s niece, and is possibly the happiest soul I have ever known.  
So now we have Peanut who just turned 9, and Gracie who turned 4 in March!  They are both enjoying some really good quality time right now with playing and running every day, so content, happy, and snuggly!

Here is a photo of Peanut & Gracie 

Here’s the photos

Sweet memories!  They all leave us with those.  I am praying Frank & I have a couple of years of memory making left.  

Good to hear from you Bob.

Wonderful tribute to the amazing Scooby! He is one of the dogs I have thought of many times since we last connected. Since losing Sadie, I have lost 2 others to cancer (Abby and Maggie) I now share my home with almost 12 year old Roxy, 5 year old Hooligan and 2 year old Zoey. Glad to hear from you Bob!


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