A message from Cathy Turnipseed to all members of Fight K9 cancer on I Remember Love!

Hello everyone.  I'm a new member of your group because my 8 year old, 70 pound baby, Taz, was recently diagnosed with mast cell cancer.  His tumor sits right on top of his ankle joint, which is going to make it hard to get a clean edge when its removed, plus promises a difficult recovery, while we try to keep the ankle immobile while the graft heals.  We're devastated, as you can all relate too.  We lost Lucy to lymphoma 2 years ago, and our 17 year old dachshund Vinnie followed a few months later with lymphoma also.  We feel snakebit, with three cancers in less than three years, and are exploring environmental causes.  We have three other dogs at home, and can only wonder who's next at this point.

I'm taking Taz for a consult at a specialty clinic in Columbus Oh tomorrow for diagnostics to see if the cancer has already spread to his organs, as he shows some shortness of breath and is a bit lethargic.  He's scheduled for surgery on Thursday to have the tumor removed, but if tomorrows test show it's spread, I'm not going to put him through it unless there's a compelling reason.  Amputation isn't being discussed yet.  We'll do whatever palliative care is necessary to keep him comfortable.

Have any of you dealt with mast cell in this location?  Has anyone tried the homeopathic treatments I see advertised?  It makes sense to try to support his immune system, but there seem to be so many options, I'm not sure which to try.  I haven't had that conversation with our vet, but plan to.

We tried chemo with Lucy, but even tho she was big and strong, her body just couldn't tolerate the IV chemo.  So we went with a course of leukerin and neupegen, and she just collapsed after a treatment one day and died at the emergency clinic that night.  I was out of town, and didn't have the chance to say goodbye, which still hurts, 1 1/2 years later.  My husband was with her, and rushed her to the e-clinic 70 miles away after she was somewhat stabilized locally, with a temp of 106.  It was a horrible time for all of us. Because of Lucys experience with chemo, we're reluctant to put Taz thru it.

Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated.

I'm new at this posting thing, and apparently I sent an email out to all of you, and the end of it got cut off. Sorry about that.

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So glad he is doing well! It is wonderful that the other kids are helping out. Benson was not so accomodating with Bailey, but he was only a puppy then. Sounds like things are going well. We'll keep the prayers and good thoughts coming---you keep up  the good work! I will pray for sunshine for you too!


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