Explain to me why Maui (our maltese) thinks she's the biggest dog around????

Maui is absolutely fearless - even of other dogs that are twenty times her size. We have HUGE dogs in our neighborhood - one black lab comes nearly to my waist - and Maui bosses them around like she's the boss. Well, they do what she wants them to, so I guess she is. But why do Maltese have this attitude? I see it in every Malti I meet.

So cute.

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Maui's been around a long time and knows what's what...I love that!
Probably because she has the biggest heart. My little Tanner is also fearless of other LARGER dogs, my neighbor has a standard poodle, and Tanners nose barely reaches her @#*? to give her a sniff and he's not afraid of her, but our Bichon leaves the room (he thinks she's a little pony).
Molly, I think most small dogs are like this....all 7 of mine are! My one Maltese will get in any big dogs face and just try to act like she's all that! Guess it's like that little man's syndrome. LOL
Dear Molly, on behalf of Maltese dogs everywhere, we like to boss everyone around because, well, we are bossy. Although currently we are having trouble with a neighbor's Chow who ignores us and also we have trouble getting the skwirrels in line. Love, Your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy
I believe our sweeties absolutely know, beyond a shred of a doubt, that they are too cute and kind to be mistreated in any way. I have to ponder this further, though...I mean, it doesn't really make sense!!!


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