Since it's so quiet I thought I'd start a discussion. I know one of the top concerns of most Malt people are the tear stains and how to get rid of them. I'd love to hear what everyone uses or what works for theirs. I have tried several things but nothing really helps. I wash their faces every day and use a mixture of Distilled water and Boric acid to wipe their eyes. Anyone else?

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I haven't had much luck myself. I have switch from regular to Distilled Water and Uchi's tear staining does not become as dark as it usually does. I also use Stay White Secret on his eyes everyday, and that helps a lot. I've used Angel Eyes to no avail.
I had tried many things to rid Tinkerbell of her tear stains. Then I heard about Angels Eyes and thought I would give it a try. I asked our vet about it and he said that it was all natural and completely safe for her. I followed the directions and mixed the small amount thoroughly with her food and in no time the tear stains were gone. I use it now once or twice a week and the tear stains have not returned. I highly recommend it!!
I am a Maltese breeder - for me Angel Eyes would be very expensive to continually treat my 6 Maltese. Another breeder friend of mine bought Angel Eyes and we discovered in the ingredients an antibiotic by the name of Tylan.
Everything else in there is natural to hide the bitterness of the Tylan. I did some research and found Tylan through Omaha Vaccine Company. Anyone can purchase it - the bottle is about $40.00 but will last a very, very, very long time. It is a very fine powder substance and is used for chickens and swine I believe. All I do is put a very small pinch in their food one time a day. As I notice the tear stains disappearing you can back off some and then if it starts to come back you begin daily again. It is good to offer your dog a teaspoon of yogurt daily to counteract the antibiotic use and sometimes I take them off for about a week or two then start again, never more than a pinch a day though. I believe it is something internally in the fluids of the dog that has to be combated by an antibiotic, as I have seen some dogs that chew on there feet or other areas and the hair turns pink there too. Let me know if any of you try it.
Dear steph,
I used angeleyes on Lacey when she was 6 month's old for 3 months very faithfully I stopped to two times a week after that for a month and then stopped completely it works fantastic. She is 13 months now and her eyes are perfectly clean
maybe I have to repeat it in the future for a few weeks but angeleyes really works. Convinced this will help your puppy too
let me know? Regards and a big hug for your puppy! antoinette
Hi Steph, I posted a picture of Lacey today thought you might like to see her especially since you asked about tearstaining......look at her eyes!!!!!! Hope you like it Hugs and kisses for all your sweethearts antoinette
I started back on the Angels' Eyes about 2 months ago and all 3 of my Maltese tears staining is GONE. Although it is a bit expensive, I have found it on at almost half the price. I'm also looking into Tylan. I've been reading up on it and I see you can buy a pretty big bottle at less than what the Angels' Eyes is and only have to give a very tiny amount. I feed raw and I'm sure if I mixed such a tiny amount in their food they wouldn't even notice it. Antoinette, your little one looks great!
Thanks, I think she is very pretty too! The only problem I have is that her topknot is sooo thick and heavy that it hangs in her face all the time that is why I cut is shorter!
Happy to hear the tearsstaining is gone and thank you for the tip that helps, keep in touch?
I had trouble with the top knots also so what I do is wrap the hair in a perm paper, fold it in half and then put their bows around that. Don't know if you can understand what I mean. And the top knot stays in for days like this. I make my own bows too. Here's a pic of some of the black and white ones I make.
Puff is 13 1/2 years old, and for several years continually chewed on her feet. I finally decided to get to the bottom of the problem, had biopsy's done on her feet, nothing showed up, had allergy tests done, nothing allergic to, then we decided to try changing the food. The vet said it would take at least 6-8 weeks before we would really know. Along with putting her on Royal Canine Venison Formula canned and dry mixed together. Even her stool aroma improved with the food change. At the same time, I had read about a product called Angels Eyes. I purchased it on line, bought the large size, and followed the directions. I still give it to her with her food every other day, and what a remarkable difference in her. It is like a miracle. Angels Eyes is made in the USA and the website is Just make sure you use the product every day as instructed. You will be amazed. Keep me posted on your results. Would like to know.

Deanna and Puff

P.S. Angels Eyes is used for several breeds of dogs
Deanna, Tell Puff to try this special shampoo called Dermagic. I used to scratch and thought I had bad allergies. After my mom bathed me only once I stopped itching and my hair is nice and white. The website is:
Have a wonderful evening. Oliver
I used to use Angels' Eyes but now buy the plain old Tylan which is what is in Angels' Eyes. They only add the liver or chicken to make it taste better and then jack up the price. Tylan is very bitter but I put it in their food and it's such a very tiny amount 1/16th of a teaspoon, that they don't taste it. Or it can also be put in the water but I have several water bowls so it would kind of be a waste to do that. The Tylan is so much cheaper and will last so much longer than that bottle of Angels' Eyes. And it works...I've had my dogs on it for months now.
Tylan powder works well.


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