I am looking for a stud for my Angel.
Maltese Yorkie Designer Dog ("Morkie")
5-7lbs good health teeth coat etc... under 4yrs old and proven stud record.

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I have two Male Maltese for sale for $500. Their father is an AKC Maltese he has sired over 40 puppies. These two males are 6 weeks old and will be ready for homes in two more weeks. I have nothing for sale as a proven stud except that their father has been the best little stud dog for me for 9 years. One will probably be right around 5 lbs full grown the other will be around 6-6.5 - they are adorable. Let me know.
Hello Lora,
I wish I could have one of those little guys! I am planning on keeping one of Angels litter so I will have to pass on your offer...
Thank you for the responce to the search!
I just found this site today and havent been able to get off the computer all day!!
Angel is so adorable!!! What a little personality she has. I can tell. I would love to knwo how you started your business. I love PR work and would like to start something in PR for .....something but have no idea how to go about any of it. One thing I do know for sure is that I am tired and sick of working for a dictator like I do who expects more thatn a person can humanly handle and does not compensate for what I do. I am sick of working so hard for practically nothing Here is my home email address...let's talk about it....howard8683@sbcglobal.net....I just need to do something to make some money!!!
Thanks, and sorry my little Lucy is pure bred Maltese...however, her last litter was half Maltese and half Yorkie and they were simply adorable little baby dolls....Good luck!


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