My GR named April has been diagnosed with lymphoma. She is only 8 yrs. old- too young for this disease to end her short life. She had started with a course of chemo treatment but it was unresponsive. We are starting her on another class of chemo drugs (stronger/more side effects) this Saturday- in addition to the steroids.
The vet says it is not curable and we can only hope for good quality time with my girl- but not more than 4-6 months. We'll see about that. I am asking for prayers to help April and all animals who are suffering.
In any case, if she starts to suffer and has a poor quality of life, we'll know it's time. But until then, we'll fight this- as long as she is willing and strong enough for the fight. Any prayers you can add would be greatly appreciated. April was a rescue dog and has been a beacon of light and joy in many lives. I know of other dogs who have lived quite a long while after chemo- so there is hope for April.

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My Sadie had a nasal carcinoma. We did radiation treatments last January. I just lost her last month (Aug 11). I had several really good months with her. I kept telling her how important she was to me and how much I loved her. I know they know, but it made me feel better telling her. I'm so grateful for those extra months.
No dog should have to have cancer. They are so full of love. My heart aches for you and my prayers are with you. Know each day is a miracle.
I am very sorry for your loss of Sadie.Thank you so much for you good wishes for April. Thanks also for your story about Sadie and your advice about telling April how much she is loved. She already knows that- but can never hear it too much!
A cousin of mine shared this site with me after God did a Miracle for my six year old Irish Woldhound Fianna.

It is my hope that what my baby and I just went through will give hope to others facing a similar situation with their own precious angel.

A month ago my Irish Wolfhound, Fianna after a romp at the dog park had a little blood on one of her left front toes and began limping. I thought she may have jammed her toenail. To the vet we went. I nearly dropped to floor when the Vet after reviewing her x-rays said he thought it was cancer in her toe. She had, had no symptoms until that morning and I was just not willing to accept his diagnosis. God was very good to me I was able to locate a Vet I had worked for some years ago. Other than God himself I would trust no one else with my precious baby with the potential of something so serious. It was determined that Fianna either had a very bad bone infection or it was cancer and that either way the toe would have to come off. It was a long five days to wait for lab work. I called on everyone to pray for my angel. I give Thanks to God that it was not cancer it turned out to be a very bad bone infection. And Praise God it was caught in time. Unfortunately my relief was short lived. During Fianna’s first bandage change after her amputation surgery the Vet noticed a small area on the same leg in the area of what would be our ankle bone that appeared to be a small hematoma. On the day her stitches were to be removed it was discovered the small area of swelling had grown is size. Lab work was done and it came back showing cancer cells. Back to surgery Fianna went. There was a 90% chance it was a very, very bad cancer for which there is no treatment and there is a 100% rate of reoccurrence. Again I called upon everyone to pray that God would do a miracle. I just got the lab results a few days ago. The tumor was cancer however the Vet was able to remove it completely and rather than being the horror I was so terrified of this cancer only has a 34% chance that it MAY come back. God did answer all the prayers that went up before him for my baby. I know in my heart that he did do a miracle. I am not even concerned about the maybe’s I know she is going to be fine. Prayer is powerful and God does hear and miracles DO HAPPEN. Man guesses God knows. You will both be in my prayers.



Please see my thread "Scooby's Story A Tale of Hope" in the Fighting K-9 Cancer Group.


Your story sound very similar to ours.  A little over 2 1/2 years ago, Scooby was diagnosed with advanced canine lymphoma and given 4-6 months t o live.  The vets at the University of Missouri Veterinary College said it wasn't curable, too.  But today, he's still with us, still active and shows no signs of the dreaded disease.  Keep the faith.  Miracles do happen.


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