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how many of you have rescue pups...have they been more loving/more needy?

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Comment by Caryn Wilson on October 24, 2009 at 3:53pm
I just took my first rescue dog in. I had no idea what I was getting into. My little Shih Tzu Nellie has been a real challenge these past 6 months but it's finally getting to a place where I see some progress. She is a real keeper! She deserves a good home as she was a breed dog for most of her life and spent it in a wire cage. She had to compete with other dogs to get her food and walk on the wire floor which permanently damaged her little feet. I hope to give her a great life and lots of LOVE!!
Comment by Coralie Nellhard on October 19, 2009 at 12:53pm
I have rescued 9 dogs and 2 cats. All of them were wonderful. I say were because they have all gone on their next journey. But still, having been blessed with the opportunity to be the Mum of so many different characters has been a wonderful experience and they have given me so many insights about life. If I had known as much as I do now about health and communication with animals when I started out with my first dog way back in 1963, many of them probably could have enjoyed better lives. However, they were also my teachers and helped me become aware and question many traditional ways of handling, feeding, and caring for pets. God Bless them All!
Comment by Karen Anderson on September 24, 2009 at 11:59pm

I have 3 (presently) rescues. I lost 2 in November & January. I always told my son saving is the BEST way to spend your love. My AmbrrNanaDog is my 4 legged sister, the HIGHLIGHT of the Adoption Parades at events, she makes rescue possible, she is my fur-covered self.
Comment by Sherry Wright on August 25, 2009 at 11:04am
I've been doing dog rescues since I was about 18. I work with several differant state groups and at a nat'l level, but also with the local vets and when the shelters have a dog they know needs socializing. I've had a little over 20 at one time, but try to keep it down o no more than 6. Sometimes with puppymill dogs, you have to take more than you plan. I've had greyhounds, first time was shocked that they didn't know what steps were or how to jump up in a car. They'd never felt grass, so was sad. Now, I try to just work with small breeds since I can't lift heavier dogs. This fall, I'll quit working with basenji also. The last few have destroyed new doors and I can't afford to keep replacing major houseparts! I love poodles. They are smart, help train any other rescue I bring in, will let them know quickly how to act, and they are clowns. Most of my dogs come from being abused and at the present I adopted two for my family (me). I'd like one more, perhaps a standard.
Comment by Cheryl Hontz on August 21, 2009 at 11:50am
We have 12 "rescued" dogs out of 14. Some are more needy than others, but, in the same sense, are more loving than others. With 14 dogs we sometimes feel it is difficult to give each individual dog their own "love time", so, in turn, some come across more demanding by pawing us and want attention.
Comment by Jonny the Demon on July 6, 2009 at 4:37pm
Andy, my Dalmatian (17 May 1995 - 26 August 2007) was a rescue pup. I bought him at the pound (for $5) where he was about to be put down for being vicious and untrainable (his first owners' statement). I eventually (in less than 3 days) figured out that he was deaf and had been cruelly punished for not listening. He was a wonderful sweet dog who could never have been "vicious" in his life. I bought him 26 January 1996. I was looking for a dachshund. I took the picture of Andy on the sofa fewer that two weeks before he died of old age. His poor old body just wore out. Dalmatian life expectancy is 8; Andy was almost 12 1/2.
Comment by Tom Clanton on March 7, 2009 at 3:36am
I have just brought a beautiful little chocolate beagle boy into our foster home. He is an angel. He is skin and bones and we are treating for several issues. Everyone please say a prayer for him. His name is Robbie and he is wonderful. We are doing everything we can to get some weight on him, but he is so frail that progress is slow. He is a young guy and with some good meds, good food, LOVE and prayers, he is going to make it. I refuse to give up on him as long as he does not give up on himself. Updates as he progresses.

Comment by Evelyn Hein on November 4, 2008 at 5:46am
Hi, I'm Nita...that is what everyone calls me. I am 67 years young and have been married for 53 of those years to the same wonderful man. We have 4 shepherd mix dogs that we adopted.
Our oldest, Missy Mae we found on my 13 year old grandson's grave. She was just lying there like she had given up and was ready to die. When I refused to let her in the car she went and sat down in front of it as if to say, "Run me over or take me home." The vet said she was about 6-7 years old and although she seemed to have had good care in her young days, she was very stressed. She also was going to have puppies and it appeared that they would be her first litter. We attempted to find Missy Mae's owner to no avail and so we adopted her.
Missy gave birth to 5 puppies on Sept 23,2000l, 4 girls and 1 boy. The little boy, Bubba Dawg, was not well and had seizures so we decided right away that we would keep him. The little girls were fine and we arranged to place them for adoption with a rescue agency when they were old enough. However, one of them, Gypsy Star, got her cornea scratched during a puppy wrestling match and we had to keep her a while longer for it to heal. When we finally took or for adoption she acted so hurt I had to bring her home and keep her also.
A few days later the agency called to say that one of our pups had been returned and did we want to shelter it while it waited for adoption. We went to check but it was not one of our beautiful pups. It was a scraggly, thin, mean little male, who growled and snarled at everyone. We took him home to socialize him and fatten him up. By the time he was ready for adoption, he and I had bonded and there was no way I could let him go. Buddy goes everywhere I do and is never far from my side. If I leave he won't eat until I come back. He's loyal and gentle and loving. A perfect dog, that's out Buddy Trey.
Missy is showing her age but still runs the pack. Bubba and Buddy each think they will take over when she is gone but we can tell that she's training Gypsy.
They are a hand full but we love all of our GSMs and wouldn't take a pretty for them. They are wonderful with our great-grandkids (2 years old), especially Buddy Trey who is their honorary uncle. He sees to it that they are cleaned up after we wash them because he's sure that soap isn't good for them and they are much cleaner when he licks them

Well, there's our story, hope we didn't bore you too much.
Comment by Barb on September 22, 2008 at 6:42am
I have been thinking more and more of getting a playmate for Tony. Not sure the rescue people would let us have one. I want another Bichon. Our yard is not fenced in and Tony is not neutured. I have no intention of doing either. Tony is on his cable when he is let out and we go for lots of walks and such, he loves being outside and doesn't lack for anything. Any thoughts?
Comment by Darlene Daly on September 3, 2008 at 4:56am
I wasn't ready for another dog when I saw Dancer. I had just lost my Dalmatian & was in the pet store only for kitty litter. At the back of the store we could hear a dog barking & yelping like his heart was being broken. Upon investigation, it was a lady who runs a private rescue & takes her dogs to the pet store on weekends. Dancer is deaf, and had already been placed once & returned, so had been with her for 7 months. Plus he had horrible hot spots & his becaviour in the cage was terrible. I brought him home for a 3 day trial & he slipped into our family like he knew he was home. Our other dog is very aggressive and she loves him, too. His high energy has helped her lose some weight. To anyone hesitant about adopting a deaf dog, don't let it be an issue. You just adapt what you have.

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