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Dog's Life
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Started this discussion. Last reply by NancyK9 Jul 30, 2011.

My Dogs

Started Jul 26, 2008


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What are your dog(s) names and ages:
Ranger 9
What is your dog's breed? (If you have more than one dog, please list a name followed by breed.)
Ranger-Boxer/Lab mix
About Me:
I love my dog and 2 cats.
What is one thing your dog does that reminds you to open your heart and love more deeply?
Wake up in the morning. When the alarm goes off Ranger gets in be with me and we say our morning prayers.

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At 3:52pm on July 30, 2011, Fendrayton said…
Would I be able to pass on the lovely poem...Dog's Life? It is SO lovely, and I know several people who would like to read it.
Please let me know
At 5:20am on August 22, 2008, Kara said…
Hi Cara,

Thank you for the complement! All the pictures, but one are after he was diagnosed, you can see in some he is very thin, the fur hides a lot of it. He went from 50 lbs to 40 lbs. Still gets comments from people that he looks like a puppy. I think it is because he has such pretty fur with a bath once a week, and a beautiful smile all the time.

I had just wanted some pictures of him and I together before he passes, I now have hundreds. I took my 12 year old nephew to take pictures of us, I tried to not pose, and told him to just keep taking pictures so they are a little more natural. He did so good!Then another day a friend did it for me, and she was easy to coach. I do not really like the typical pose, but one in action or relazed. Like your photos are also relaxed. Taken while sleeping curled up, and so on. I just have to many photos to share.

Rusty held his illness so well, he still looks healthy!
Today we are traveling to San Diego, to turn in Spirit for her service dog training. I hope Rusty does well. He has bonded with her and she keeps him romping more. I hope he can hold on until she comes back in 3 weeks, but he is slowly getting weak.
I hope todays trip is not too hard on him. The vet seems to think he is doing great right now. He is on pain and cough suppressent meds every day. I told him to let me know when, but the sneeker hids it, so I am watching closely.

You commented on cross reactive foods to latex. There are so many foods, I can hardly eat. The list I have is a page with three rows all the way down, I have been tested to most and am positive to an allergy to them. Eating is extremely hard for me. Can't even have pepper in the house or I will go into shock. It is severe like a severe peanut allergy. I am allergic to a certain protein in the rubber plant, almost all plants have this same protein, therefor I am just as allergic to those plants as well. This is for a person who hates meat!

Thank you for asking, People need to know the dangers latex can cause and avoid it as much as possible. 10% of the population have some sort of reaction to latex. Mine was mild at first, then showed up while using so many gloves.

Even new shoes that have a strong latex smell are bad. My new shoes is what caused my reaction while I went to work. Within a half hour of putting on my new nursing shoes my feet swelled up like basketballs with blisters on them. I was sent to the ER, never to work again. They were on my feet no more than 45 minutes.


If you ever want more information let me know.

At 5:51am on August 13, 2008, Cara said…
You are both in my heart and prayers.
I guess surgery is out of the question.
The price of loving is losing your loved one. The price is unspeakable high, but the price of not loving is even higher.
Bleow is a nutritional report on latex allergy, you probably already know this, but just in case...
:) Cara & the little fur family

Daily Food Tip
I have a latex allergy and was recently told that avocados and latex are somehow related. Can you clarify this for me?

Between 30-50% of individuals who have allergies to latex may also have allergic reactions to certain plant foods including avocados, bananas, and chestnuts. Currently, the most conclusive evidence suggests that foods that cross-reach with latex are those that contain enzymes called chitinases, which have similar protein structures to those found in latex. Some evidence suggests that the cooked forms of these foods may be acceptable as preliminary research has shown that cooking can deactivate the enzymes that may be responsible for the cross-reaction with latex. Consult your healthcare practitioner for more guidance on this topic.
At 5:47am on August 13, 2008, Cara said…
At 6:21pm on August 12, 2008, Kara said…
I want to give you an update on Rusty.
Today is a bit hard. The cough suppressant is not working as well today or last night. I was up until 2:30 AM watching him. He did okay, just starting to cough now and has a deep cough that has some mucus in it. His respirations are increasing. Just tells me the tumor is getting larger and harder for him to breathe, it was already the size of an orange. He was not coughing at all earlier with the meds, I was surprized at that.

I imagine when it goes bad it will happen fast. I will not let him suffer. He still seems happy, not in any pain, just starting to cough. He has lost a total of 13 pounds, he only weighs 40 lbs right now. He is eating, I think the cancer is just wearing him out, he is so skinny. I opted for no Chemo as nothing could be done to save him, only hopefully extend his life a little, they were not even sure it would work at $500.00 one time a week. I did chemo with so many kids as a RN I opted not too, makes you too sick. They say it is not as hard on dogs, but dogs just do not complain as much, so I would not do that to him. He is on continuous pain and cough meds for comfort, and prayers. He deserved to go out a happy dog, so I just finished a little play and laughing with him. It is so hard to stay positive for him all the time. When I have to I cry, I can't hide it all from him, he is too smart.

Just praying he can breathe off of the one lung for awhile.

At 11:03am on August 8, 2008, Molly Jacobson said…
Hi Kara -

Your mission to help Jenny is wonderful! To get others to know about it, I would post it in a Discussion Forum. Click Forum and then Start a Discussion. Fill in the fields and click the "start discussion" button, and it will be posted for everyone to see. If you do that, you can also share it with your friends and ask them to share it with their friends.
At 8:25pm on July 31, 2008, Kara said…
Hi Cara,
I don't know what it is but somehow I am drawn to you. You speak with such heart and wisdom, and I love the meaning of our names! I hope Mexico went well. I enjoy your comments.

At 11:20am on July 27, 2008, Kara said…
I did not know that Kara, or Cara, had the meaning of friends. That is so nice to know. I love your dogs! Your greyhounds are great! I notice you have three cats as well, so do I, plus three rabbits (indoor) and one chinchilla. We had about 13 pets at one time, but as they passed on we did not try and replace them.

I ened up with so many because after I lost my job from my disability I decided I wanted a pet rabbit. Never even held one before, but I love animals. My son wanted to volunteer at the shelter with the rabbits, because he was not 18 yet I had to supervise him. They found out I was a nurse and pulled me in fast! I all of a sudden was the medical coordinator for the rabbits, different anotomy than humans, but I was a fast learner. I took in the very sick rabbits, it is a no kill, all animals get fixed, and recieve all medical needs if possible. Some bills are in the thousands of dollars, it is a great shelter, one of the largest rabbit shelters.

So I had some very sick rabbits. One had been attacked by something, and part of her muscle was torn out in her hind area. She usually needed anesthesia just for dressing changes due to the pain. Being a nurse I was able to get her out of the vet and do very difficult sterile dressing changes, because I knew how. I got so attached to some of these animals I could not let go. This one bunny I did dressing changes for three months. She had been known as a mean rabbit, but she really bonded with me and became to fully trust me, even though I was the one digging in her back all the time. She fallowed me like a dog, became the sweetest girl, and I just bonded with her and other animals. I had to quit the medical coordination volunteering as I got more sick. Also because I could not let these animals go and was collecting too many (again all are fixed). I had a room lined with cages and I cared for all these sick bunnies. Maybe ten at a time?

Anyway after loosing my dream job as a pediatric RN I turned towards animals. I have always had a strong connection with them, but never had this type of opportunity before. This is when Rusty and I got very close as he almost died or heartache from loosing another dog we had. I held him in my bed for three nights in a row as he whinned and cried all night, my husband was out of town. He kept trying to get down, and I said no, I am here for you and you will get through this. This is what started are very close bond, and I became his biggest concern. I will like to tell you how dogs can alert you in another e-mail.

I am blabbing now, I have a question for you. I always loved greyhounds but I know they love to run, and are prey driven. How do they get along with the cats? Were they introduced early? How do you let them excersize, as I heard they can take off and run forever.

Just curious, I did not know greyhounds did well with smaller animals. I wanted one once, but had the rabbits, that is what they chase on the race course. So just wondering how you did it. I also remember being told they are couch potatoes, love furniture, looks like from your pictures it is true.

I may explaine how dogs alert on a discussion, I like to educate on how smart dogs are and how they have the ability to do what they do. You can not train a dog to alert you, only some dogs can have this ability. Service dogs are tought how to care for you, not how to alert you, then they hope they will develope the skill, but can never be promised. It usually takes a very strong bond, and often dogs just start alerting owners without training. This is what happened to me and I then had him professionally trained.

Spirit is learning from Rusty, she is very inteligent, I think she will obtain these qualities. My animals are what kept me sain when I got so sick and housebound. With out them I think I would have hit a deep depression. I thank God for my pets, and understand how much they all saved me in their own way.

I love how your dog prays with you every morning. So touching.
I would love any prayers, Rusty is noticably a little slower today. I am trying to just so him so much love happiness and laughter and play until he goes. Then I will need help to cope for sure!

For some reason my profile did not add you as my friend. I found your e-mail so pleasant this morning. Thank you for that!

Your friend,
At 9:48am on July 27, 2008, Cara said…
Here is the website for Azodyl It is over the counter and I buy it from Within minutes after Kates was diagnosed I emailed a friend of mine, who isn't the kind of vet you described [there are all too many of that kind!], and she emailed me right back about Azodyl. I have researched the cheapest pet meds on the net not only because of Katie's kidney failure and her Azodyl, but Ranger has Addison's disease and has to have a Percorten V shot every month. I save big money by buying it on the net and giving him his shot myself. Fortunately Katie gets her teeth cleaned without anesthesia. It is a great worry for pet parents to have our older babies anesthetized. I have 3 geriatric cats and they are snaggle toothed like Nanook [of the North]. Is there anyone in your area who does pet acupuncture? That helps Katie with her weak back legs [common problem in older racing Greyhounds they aren’t well cared for during their careers] and her KF. This weekend I am baby sitting for my godson. Her name is Nala and she is what I lovingly call a half a chocolate Lab. Although almost 2 she is only 55 pounds and looks like a half sized Lab. She is an absolute delight. She is a riot with the cats they chase her! You and Nanook have a great day. It’s always a great day to be in Arizona. Cara & the little fur family

At 6:01pm on July 26, 2008, Stan said…
Thank you for your suggestion of Azodyl, Cara. I havn't heard of it or ever had it suggested, however, I will have a look into it. My Nanook also is on a low protein diet and he is on blood pressure medication. With that, he appears to be doing quite well also, besides not seeing or hearing well. Although the vet that prescribed these helpled in that way, he seemed more interested in the dollar signs than the dog. Nanook was diagnosed when he went in for his teeth to be cleaned. You know where that goes - put under anesthethic which is not good for an older dog. He was also having trouble voiding so the vet said he should be neutered to shrink his prostate to eliminate that. It didn't help. He now has very few teeth (but lots of love) and other than appearing depressed at times, he seems happy otherwise. Thank you again for that. You have beautiful looking dogs.

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