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What are your dog(s) names and ages:
Ginny, 6yrs old and Bella,4 mos old. We lost Katy Jo, a 15yr old toy poodle on Feb.7,2009 and George, a 16 year old bichon, on May12, 2008. I miss these dear friends.
What is your dog's breed? (If you have more than one dog, please list a name followed by breed.)
Both my girls are Toy Poodles.
About Me:
I retired young and enjoy volunteer work with my therapy dog, Ginny. We work in reading programs with young children, at senior living facilities, hospitals, and with 2 local hospices.
What is one thing your dog does that reminds you to open your heart and love more deeply?
Their ability to love unconditionally. They have taught me so much about living in the moment and just slowing down and appreciating all the blessings in my life.
"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
Author Unknown

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At 2:40pm on July 28, 2009, Jerry Tuttle said…
Hi Norma. I am sorry to here abt youyr MS, That can be a problkem. We can just chechk and take it one day at a time. Thats what makes us strong. And God gave us Puppies andf pets to show us how to love and live day by day. And just how much we can go through togethrt with helping others. God Bless

At 2:47am on July 28, 2009, Jerry Tuttle said…
Hi. Lucky is just that (Lucky).Shhe just keeps going on little by little. I don't thihink she will last the summer she is 17 years old and she can't walk well, I havw to carry her up the back stairs ,if someone is around that can do it, I have had two more surgeries and my weight limitt is 12 ib's she is comletly deaf, and I thinknin her last days, I am not doing much better with my diabetes, and my pain pump.My wife took my keys from me, and they have to leave me notes everwhere, I almost steeped out ofgf the cae while my wife was doing a u turn. I have to be very caful or I will hurt myself or do something stupid. I am not a lod to cook , and my wife has to det all my meds out each and night. But all in all I am still kicking. It is very hard to type so esuse my mistakes. I wish you asll well.

Lucky and Jerry
At 3:36pm on June 9, 2008, Kathie said…
ust sharing another site I have. I am a cheerleading coach. Probley the oldest in NY but I love it. I have pictures of my family, my cheerleaders and my Flash.
At 3:31pm on June 9, 2008, Kathie said…
Norma, you are more than welcome. I am glad we all can help you through this tough time. If there is anything I can do please ask.
At 2:59pm on June 8, 2008, Kathie said…
Sorry about your doggy. It is heartbreaking. Know that we are all here for you
At 3:58pm on May 9, 2008, Jerry Tuttle said…
Hi Norma, I am so sorry to hear about George, My heart goes out to George and to you and your family, Please keep me informed as to what is going on, I pray that George is comfortable and in no pain, Lucky is doing pretty good, It is I that suffers when I can not get her attention when she is in the back yard, I call her and she just sets there until she either catches a scent (I Think) or Vibration, and then she jumps up tail wagging, I could not stop thinking about what she must be feeling when she can not hear, I went with my friend to his foot Doctor yesterday, he is 73 and he and I were talking about which would we rather lose our site or hearing, I had to chose my site, I have seen so many beautiful things in my life, and if I lost my site, I think I would still like to hear the birds singing and the rain falling, or the sounds of nature and then I went to get Lucky and it hit me pretty hard ,and I cried a little to think, she can't hear me calling her or saying what a good doggy she is, I know she feels it through touch when I hug and rub here ,I give her a massage and she almost goes to sleep. All I can say is hug George a lot more now, Hold him lots and tell him just how much he means to you, I know he will feel your love and your concern. I just got a call from my son in New Mexico, They had their 4th baby two days ago,Taylor Jacob, he had a collapsed Lung and had some blood issues and had to have some blood transfusions, He has an infection but they are waiting for lab results,to find where the infection is, and then they can treat the infection, Taylor Jacob Tuttle weighed 8lb's 14 ounces,21 inches long. They had to fly the baby 5 hours away to Lovic? New Mexico and my son and his wife drove up today to the hospital,she just got out her self yesterday, She had to have C-section. Well I am off to bed,Give George a hug from me and Lucky and hang in there. I will keep you all in my Prayers.
At 3:24pm on April 25, 2008, Jerry Tuttle said…
I do think that would be a great idea, I know there has to be many others that are going or have been through the same thing. Lucky seemed to have a much better day today, She slept most of the day,The Lawn got done today, and after everything was over I took lucky out for a walk and put her in her fenced in area, which is 90 feet by 90 feet, People around here laugh and ask when I am going to put the cows in or goats, It is very big just for one dog they say, But lucky lived 11 years of her life with a back yard only big enough to run ten yards one way and have to turn around and go back, It was a very small back yard, so I thought I would give her the biggest area possible to play in which was 90x90, she had a blast rolling in the cut grass, and she was running a little and playing with the plastic jugs like she used to, It only lasted 5 minutes, but that is the most spunk I have seen from her all winter. I live in a farming town, all my neighbors have twenty to 100 acres and lots of cows, or they raise tobacco, Most people here have their own chickens for eggs, and they do their own meat, I only have 5 acres ,no cows ,but I raise my own vegetables, and do lots of canning, I have good vegie's all year round , I rarely buy veggie's at the store. I just put in over 600 onion plants, two 50 foot rows of Kennabeck Potatoes, three 50 foot rows of Purple Haul peas, and 3 rows of pickling cucumbers, and I still have my Blue lake snap beans to plant, Corn, Cantaloupe, Water Melon, Black Eye peas, and maybe if I have room,some butter beans or lima's, I have 37 peach tree's, and 30 apple trees, I just planted a Cherry Tree, and I am getting some plum tree's, and a few Nectarine tree's. My friend has a Orchard of 33 acres, he is the one who got me going on the Vege's and Fruit Trees. He plants 3000 thousand Tomato Plants every year, plus everything I mentioned,and has over 2000 thousand fruit tree's. This man is 73 years old and does all his planting by hand, He out works most teenagers I know, I really would have liked to have had lucky in this enviroment 15 years ago, I could have let her run free, but now she is to old, and we have coyotes,and an occasional bear, I can look out the kitchen window and watch deer roaming at the wood line in the evening and early morning, I have a couple of good pictures of the deer. Well I have had a very long day, and I have to bring Lucky in for the night. Hope george and all do good, and have some good days, Bye 4 now.

Jerry & Lucky
At 3:12pm on April 24, 2008, Jerry Tuttle said…
Hi Norma and Ginny, We made it through the winter,But had a late cold spell and hurt my peach tree's,Lucky is enjoying the thick green grass ,but she does not like the heat, My oak tree's have not leaved out yet so she does not like to stay out at all,She is getting very,very, hard of hearing, and she looks like she is getting the arthritus in her back hips, She will be 16 in June, I hate to think of her not making the summer. But I pray a lot . I don't want her to suffer either just to make me feel better. She is not eating like she should,I tried Hamburger and other thing's but she wants to sleep instead of eat. But she still wags the tail , I want things to be as good for her as possiable, but it is hard because I don't have the money to take her to the Vet's for all the arthritus medecins and things like that, I live on disability and have a very tight budget,especialy with the econemy the way it is and gas prices higher than they have ever been . I wonder if the stuff humans take like the stuff for your joints would help her?? I do take her twice a year for shots and a check up, I to am at the point where I don't know what to do, My Dad had to put down several of our late pets,as we grew up, I have had to deal with that issue one time but it was not my pet, It was a stray that someone dumped over my fence,and we thought it was a Chiuaua, but it was a Doberman, and was very Mal Nurished, We took it to the Vet's and got it checked out and had it wormed and all that stuff, we took her home and were going to keep her,I came home the next day and found her lying next to the fence in the back yard with fluids coming from both ends and she could not move, I took her to the Emergency room which is an 24 hour Vet, and he said she had Parvo ,and that I had to either put her down or pay him 475 dollars up front and he would hook up the IV's and give her fluids,and try and save her,I asked him to give me a minute, I looked at the little girl and just broke down in tears, and told my wife I could not put her down, so we wrote the check ,went home and he called at 4 in the morning and said she did not make it, I could not put the little girl down, I had to try and save her, I was devastated, So to make a long story even longer, I don't think I could ever have Lucky put down, I think I would rather die myself,than have to make that choice,And on the other hand how do you know it's time, and do you let them suffer and hope they go at home in their sleep??????? This is all to much. I would love to hear from other's who have had to make the choice and how they delt with it,and those who let it happen naturaly. Thanks for anay help, and Happy Spring Ginny and Norma and all of the Doggies and Pets and Owners.

At 2:29pm on April 24, 2008, Norma said…
I love sloppy dog kisses! Thanks for your well wishes on George's behalf. He's 15 yrs old, hard of hearing, and has trouble with arthritus. The vet checks him out regularly and we keep him as comfortable as possible. The big question is how's his quality of life and I'm afraid I'm thinking more of myself than I am of him sometimes. There's nothing easy about making decisions for him when he seems so unhappy. I'd appreciate any suggestions or opinions...
At 12:54pm on April 24, 2008, Pam Lee said…
I'm sorry to hear about George losing his eyesight. I have a friend (who I've never met in person) who has an old english sheepdog who woke up one morning blind, but has adjusted very well. Maybe in time, George will get used to his disability as well. I'll send reiki and tap surrogately for him if I can have your permission. How old is he and does he suffer physically as well?
I have good thoughts for George and hopeful intentions that he will adjust in time.
Harvey sends sloppy kisses to you both.

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