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Update on my missing niece she's been found!

Tasha was found in Kansas City. She's petrified but ok. Thank you to everyone who helped by cross posting, creating posters, distributing posters, helping to get us truck stop numbers, faxing, praying and the support. Every thing each person did means SO much to the family.

We thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Pawz Up,


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Update on my missing niece

Please feel free to cross post Pratt County Police are in charge. Officer Wyatt and Sheriff Chinn are investigating this case. The reason they can’t put out an Amber Alert on her is because the police do not know who she is with. In order to place an Amber Alert to be issued in Kansas they need to have more information. Also, Officer Wyatt is now treating this as a runaway case. They don’t want us to place posters up in the area because he wants to… Continue

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EMERGENCY My Niece is missing possibly with a trucker

To listen to the alert please go to: Tasha Sutton missing since May 28th, 2008 DOB 12-29-94 Taken from Pratt, KS possibly heading toward California with a trucker by the name of "Chris". Very tall man with mustache slightly balding. Last seen in a red and white short sleeve shirt, blue jeans, carrying a grey backpack. Chat Page Info: FaceBook User names:… Continue

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Colorado State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital

We recently had to take our Maltipoo puppy (Muji) to Colorado State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital. She had a heart murmer that never corrected itself after birth and needed a very risky and complicated surgery to correct it. Our options were either to not fix it and have her possibly for a year or so or fix it and let her have a normal long life. The decision to have the surgery was not difficult but finding who to trust with her fate was. We were referred to a couple of out of… Continue

Added by Thom & Renee Casey on May 29, 2008 at 5:34am — 3 Comments

Mill Dog Rescue Tells All show 84

Just to be very clear, I want everyone to know that I am not against responsible breeders. I am trying to stop the puppy mills who are only after money and don't care about the animals or the breed. Only those people who stack hundreds of female dogs in crates upon one another and do nothing but use them as puppy makers without love, attention, excersize, or proper nurishment. These are the breeders I want shut down. I respect those breeders who take care of their pets, love them, give them… Continue

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The oldest dog in the world? And what she eats...

Bella, the oldest dog in the world with owners David Richardson and Daisy Cooper. Photo credit: The Daily Mail

Reports are coming from England that the oldest dog in the

world is Bella, a labrador, who was brought home more

than 26 years ago--when she was already 3 years old.

That would make… Continue

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Still Waiting

We should be hearing soon or any time now. The police clearance takes three months to complete before we actually begin so by June 15th we should be well on our way to a go.

I must say that it has been a game of patience, but it will all be worthwhile in the end. Rusty is really ready now to get busy with his new career and has been practicing being the most loving and patient dog that ever lived.

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Thanking the Monkey and Saving our National Forests Show 83

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Animal abuse laws for YOUR state

Please visit the above link then choose your state. Be sure to print this information out for your records when law enforcement tries to ignore you or tell you they can't do anything. If this happens, you can then pull out the penal code for your state and show the officers that they MUST take action or you will file proper charges against…


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Another blog for May

Hi, I am visiting today and ive been watching some of the videos here and left comments. They're so charming and funny. Don't our animals warm the depths of our hearts and give us calm and balance and love that we need in our lives so much. The last week was very busy and very emotional one for me as I continue with my job quests. It also has been a turning point for me and I feel positive and have telephoned my college as I want to set up a careers advice interview for myself. This leads me to… Continue

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Make A Wish ... Make A Difference

Hi, Everyone!

I know that you all share my passion for making a positive difference in the world, and I just found a really cool, FREE way to do it! Consequently, I wanted to share it with all of you in the hopes that we can all make a difference together.

I'm writing to alert you to a new website that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU can benefit from AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE ON! It's called, Wish Upon A Hero, and it was created for the sole purpose of making a difference by making it… Continue

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Happy Mothers Day !

Maybe the weather isn't what we like but Mother Earth knows what is best for her needs. I hope every mother has a safe and wonderful mothers day.

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My third blog

I have not written a blog these last few weeks. My daughter returned from travelling in April and is getting used to life back in England. She is working in a bookshop and preparing for uni. Our Flash loves to cuddle with her. I do too and stroking Flash when she is on my lap is the most wonderful feeling. Cats where are you? She will be friendly. Will need you Flash before my job interview!! Bye for now. xx

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What to do with cute dog email stories

Do you get email from friends with really cute stories? Instead of (or in addition to) forwarding those emails to friends--or to me--I have an idea: Post those cute stories

here on IRememberLove. We set up a …


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My sheltie is urinating blood, what does it mean?

I took my 11 yr old Sheltie to the vet as when out on our walks, Sammy would mark his spot but after a while he would start urinating blood.

I took him to the vet and the y did a urnine sample and other blood tests. They said his red cell count was very high, but couldn't find the reason why he was "peeing blood". So I called my old vet in San Diego Ca and he told me it had to do with his prostate. The new vet gave him

Ramdryl @ 25mg tablet to be given when ness. He still is peeing… Continue

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