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My blog, Packs and Paws

Hi everyone, I have started a dog blog named Packs and Paws. It is still pretty early but I am trying to get some initial feedback both on the ideas on it as well as your interest on how I am treating the ideas over there.

I just finished a good piece on dogs as carnivores that explains the dog's digestive system and how they should eat certain food and others that humans usually like to give them should be avoided. You can find that post in the link below, let me know what you think… Continue

Added by Jorge Guzman on May 30, 2009 at 4:30pm — 1 Comment

Griefworthy! the site to join the network

This info. above is an inspirational site and network to heal others through sharing your stories of grief. Your pet or loss of a loved one is a devastating time in ones life. This site deals with healing through it's community sharing there personal stories. It allows you to keep the meaning and purpose of your loved one alive. Check it out and please pass this info. on to others who might be in… Continue

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Good-bye Dazzler

The boxer puppy I had has gone back to his breeder. The fact that he was a year old was only a problem because his breeder did not even housebreak him. I had all the trouble of a new little puppy with a nearly grown dog. Then there was the leaping and nipping. Nipping hard enough to draw blood. Something Donovan never did.

Donovan did jump up on people, and nip, but he never drew blood. He also quit doing it when I trained him not to. Dazzler never learned.

Then Dazzler… Continue

Added by D. Irene Ramirez on May 8, 2009 at 1:00pm — No Comments

Dazzler Departs

Last Saturday, the first Saturday in May, Dazzler went back to his breeder.

Unbeknownst to me, he had nipped three of my friends hard enough to draw blood. A service dog cannot do that. So that alone would have made him have to go back. However, he also attacked Donovan. That was the last straw. I love Donovan. He's saved me from harm many times.

Dazzler, while loving in his own way, was just too feisty. Too willing to do battle on slight provocation. So I said good-bye to… Continue

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(ALIAS "The Cisco Kid")

(alias "Smart Ass")

February 16, 1974 - February 23, 1988

He was just a small red puppy that pulled my heart strings tight;

A sole survivor of a litter, on a stormy April night.

With a promise of a future when we brought him home, you see,

Just a tiny, constant shadow who would always follow me.

With a serious look upon his face, he named himself that night;

Became "Karen's…

Added by Karen Evans on May 6, 2009 at 3:00am — No Comments

When is too soon to get a new dog?

When your heart is ready, in my opinion, is soon enough. No dog will ever replace the one you lost. You just have to decide when you have room in your heart to love another. I lost my service dog. He did for me what no other dog has ever been able to do. Unfortunately, for me, there has not been one to replace him. For you, I would advise to go with what feels right and do it with love and peace in your heart.

Added by Rebecca Wacker on May 5, 2009 at 4:08am — No Comments

Aly's loss and grief

Hello James and Aly I lean towards James personal observations of the grieving process give yourself and family time to recover from the mourning. James advise applies to human loss too thanks you James for nurturing Aly and me,love n blessings,Alexander.

Added by Alexander Gonzalez on May 5, 2009 at 2:25am — No Comments

Is it Too Soon to Get a New Dog?

"Do you think it's too soon?" That's the question Aly sent in the other day. Her story brought tears to my eyes, and I wanted to share it - and my answer - with you. Here's Aly's email:

My name is Aly and i am 16 years old. My Family recently had a house fire and we lost our dog. He was really close to us becuse as long as i can remember he's been around. We had gotten him out of the house but we think he went back in to look for my… Continue

Added by James Jacobson on May 4, 2009 at 2:23pm — 43 Comments

Check out our new campagn

We've launched our new ad campaign, "It's not your dogs fault there's a recession!" Check it out,

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Potty Training Your Pooch

According to experts its imperative to teach pets, especially puppies about proper hygiene as soon and as early as possible. If however your catch your canine peeing or pooping in an inappropriate spot, simply “escort” him or her to the proper area reinforcing it as an acceptable bathroom spot.

Success say experts depends on repetition of action. Taking that into account, they suggest planning meals at regular times and intervals, about three times a day.

Remember, much… Continue

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