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Is your doggie drinking water?

Just like humans most pets don’t like drinking water or they might just simply forget. They usually like fresh water so adding a couple of ice cubes to the water might help and also in order to provide a better taste try giving them some filtered water. If…


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What can you give your dog for an upset stomach?

Let your dog take a 24 hour break when he has upset stomach. After that give him some boil rice and skinless chicken. Yogurt and cottage cheese will help the inflamed intestines. You can also mix Gatorade into the dog’s water bowl. Animals, unlike humans…


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How do I know when my dog is ready to give birth?

The first thing you do is monitoring the temperature regularly and specially 4 days before the due day. It takes about 58-63 days from the time your dog was bred. Your dog’s temperature is supposed to drop down to 98. The normal body…


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Rusty is Surfin' again!

I have completed a new video of Rusty surfin' on three legs; it is wonderful seeing him doing what he loves most, surfin'! Every morning after our walk he waits patiently (?) for us to give him the okay to get into the pool. It is really remarkable how he has recovered from his amputation and is living a normal life and enjoying every day to its fullest!


Rusty had his last… Continue

Added by Chuck Holliman on July 17, 2010 at 5:32am — 2 Comments

Does your doggie have bad breath?

Try brushing your pet’s teeth regularly and provide your dog with a healthy diet. Some people give their dogs treats that help remedy bad breath. However, a healthy diet will not only eliminate displeasing odors but it will also…


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