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Thank You For Being A Friend

Once upon a time I had a great friend. Her name was Baby. She was a grey Schnauzer/Poodle mix. Her fur was

curly, and she had long, black eyelashes. Her teeth were white, even and perfect. She was so beautiful to me. So far, in my two years of life, she was the only and best canine friend I have ever had. Whenever I was with her, (which was everyday), she made things I usually didn’t like to do seemed special. For example, I don’t like to walk on a leash. I do it, but I don’t… Continue

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Animal Tales Presents DJ Ice

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Collar v. halter

As far as collar v. halter, I feel the halter is better because my little girl, Misty, gets coughing fits when I put a collar on her. The vet told me the collar digs into her trachea and causes her to cough. Kanga chose my most favorite color. Misty is black so we chose a red halter. By the way, Kanga is so adorable. Pat from the New Jersey shore.

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I am having a hard time to find a harness that looks comfortable for my dog. He is a Field Golden, slim and energetic!
I like the "easy walk"-harness, but it gives him scratches under his front legs. Has anyone a recommendation of a harness that might work?
Kanga looks good in her new harness and leach. I love it that she decided what color it should be!!! Go Kanga.

Added by Ammi Rostin on August 26, 2009 at 6:15pm — No Comments

Jasmine likes the harness

It is great to take Jasmine for a walk using her harness. It has two small straps around her body connected with a leather band on top where there is a swivel. The swivel causes much less tangling.

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Kanga loves her brand new halter

On Saturday we went to a local dog shop and bought two things Kanga needed and one she didn't:

1. A new collar of her very own. When she outgrew her puppy collar, we couldn't find a collar small enough for her that we liked (shopping is limited on Maui). She actually wore an old collar of Maui's for a few months, while Molly looked for a collar that she liked and was lightweight and thin enough for Kanga's little neck.

2. A harness. When Kanga turned into a teenager a… Continue

Added by James Jacobson on August 26, 2009 at 4:26pm — 25 Comments

Oh OH! antonet soliciting.....

Oh Oh! I signed up here, and one of the members somehow got my email .....
someone called "antonet" is soliciting.....nothing to do with dogs....

I see she sent emails to other members as well.....

Probably nothing can be done...except to block her from my email.....

Just want you and other members to know...

Added by Barbara Caldwell on August 25, 2009 at 12:26pm — 1 Comment

Sniffing 101 by Foxy (copyright 2009)

Humans think a walk or a run in the park is just about “doing our business” and maybe getting a little exercise. When it’s windy or raining, they just want to get out and get back into the house as quickly as possible. People really don’t understand how important sniffing is to us canines. Everything in the world has smells. Many smells. I learn so much more by sniffing than by looking, listening, or licking. Let’s imagine you are out for your first walk in a new park. You come to a bush with… Continue

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Street Angel, House Devil!!

My Shih-tTzu/Maltese mix Ceili is an unrepentant beggar when we are home alone together. She believes that for every one bite I take of my dinner, she should get two!
However,when we are out visiting, she does not beg at all. Not even from me!

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A Very sweet video reminds us of the connection between Dogs and God

Added by James Jacobson on August 20, 2009 at 6:40pm — No Comments

dog messages are everywhere

Note: This post contains quite a few references to a natural bodily function. I hope you will forgive me for what my grandmother would call "bathroom talk." Our walk this morning took us to the beach - Kanga's favorite place. As we walked, she galloped, then paused, then sniffed, then went back and sniffed again, and then let loose just a tiny few drops of pee to "mark" spots she liked. She must have left fifty little deposits in our half hour walk. I call this reading… Continue

Added by James Jacobson on August 19, 2009 at 2:30pm — 21 Comments

Ziva is Learning

It's only been a week, and Ziva already has the idea of toiletting outside. She doesn't want to. There are much more exciting things to do outside, like decimate my plants, lol. She does it though, because she's starting to realize that if she potties, she gets to play outside her crate.

Yep, she's a crate baby. Luckily I only have to have her in there a little bit. She is good enough about her going outside that I can let her out quite often. She's a friendly little thing and not… Continue

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I can hardly write about the tragic loss of my beloved Hershey but I need to share with other critter people. July 4th was a cool evening and I thought she would be like to be sleep outside for a change. But, I have a new neighbor who set off a fireworks display. Hershey became very agitated. I never dreamed that she would break out of the yard but she did. I searched everywhere for her and called our county animal control. They know me well because I have worked with them as a rescuer for more… Continue

Added by Teresa on August 17, 2009 at 8:29am — 4 Comments

Just a Dog

I think this is such an important read. It is the epitome of why I created my own social network

PLP in the first place. I will never have "Just a Dog" --- I don't even know the meaning of those words. I know you all agree and sincerely hope you enjoy this read. Here's to you, my OzSee....who will always be everything, but -- "Just a Dog" …


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Oh, no; THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for not only listening to but also for THANKING K9Krazy and all the great Dog Trainers who gave you such TERRIFIC advice when Maui passed. I, too, have had dogs pass on and I know how difficult the loss is. Actually, "difficult" is putting it mildly. With that said, as a Certified Dog Trainer myself, I couldn't agree more with all the excellent advice you got from all the wonderful dog trainers who wrote you. I'm just thrilled that you paid attention and listened to… Continue

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Thank you to the dog trainers on IRememberLove

I have to thank

K9Krazy and other dog trainers/workers on this site who really helped me make a crucial decision last winter - I would be pulling my hair out this morning without your help. Kanga turned into a teenager two days ago (on her ten month birthday, August 11). She's feisty, independent, and testing boundaries. She's lost almost all of her training, which means that she won't do as I ask right away. She… Continue

Added by James Jacobson on August 14, 2009 at 12:00pm — 20 Comments

Tell Me More About My Eyes...

I love the dog park. I wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? I'd love to sing it for you. And the off-leash dog beach. I'm small, yeah, but I like to think I can keep up with the big boys, you know? Unfortunately, this one time the big boys bested me. I got trampled and my face was ground deep into the beach sand. I was a trooper, though. I ain' no punk. My mom flushed my eye and then we both just expected my usual resilience to kick in and do the rest. A month later, my face was all itchy… Continue

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This is the only picture I have of Ziva right now. She is much cuter than the picture shows. It will be some time before I get other pictures. I am quite broke. ( Between Donovan's surgery, and now the new puppy, who luckily I can make payments on. Most breeders don't do that, but she knows my circumstances and agreed. I am up at two am writing this. Ziva woke me at one am tearing up old envelopes. Amazing how much noise… Continue

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Trashing books (especially this one) should be a sin.

I live in Utah and we have one of the largest no kill shelters, "Best Friends Animal Sanctuary". I thought if you would like to donate the books to them they could sell them to make money for their shelter animals or maybe through your website we could band together and buy some of these great books for Christmas gifts. I know several people I could buy for. Maybe Dr. Jones could include your book with his book sales as an extra incentive gift or offer them at a discount price for his regular… Continue

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I have a puppy coming. She'll be here tomorrow afternoon. I am a little nervous about how Donovan will act. He should be neutral because it is a female puppy. I just don't know how he will be about sharing me. I am a little unprepared and nothing I can do about it. My wheel chair charger isn't working, and I can't charge up my wheel chair to get anywhere to get what I need. All it is, is a leash for the puppy. As it is Donovan and Ziva will have to share one leash until I can get to petsmart to… Continue

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