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Vivacious, wild, and entertaining. Annoying barks, paws that touch heaven. A glowing smile that captures life. Swallowing hate, showing kindness. Strangers passing by, scanning them. Trying to communicate an unknown tongue. Only angels understand your stanzas, the messy rhymes hidden in your tongue. Signs of deteriorated health begin to show. Sunny days saying good bye, going to a much brighter light. Your eyes go dim, your voice… Continue

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My Ally girls lumps all over her






I groomed my oldest golden Ally who is 11 years old and still looks &  acts like a puppers instead of 11 years old, and as I shaved her coat off since its been so so hot here in California, I felt so many lumps on her back. I touch her all the time but her coat is so thick and she reminds me of a hairy polar bear. So when her coat  was only 1 1/2 thick, well her back felt like a bumpy road. She has one huge lump right dab in the middle of her…


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The Surgery's Over

Donovan got a "Brave Patient Award" from the vets at Kensington Vet Hosp.!

The vet who did the surgery told me that he's the best boxer she's ever seen. She also said he did really well in surgery.

Donovan will be eating canned dog food for the next two weeks.  He got the two gingival flaps removed and sixteen teeth so he's got a really raw mouth.  He also has a bottle of pain meds so he's feeling no pain.

He was pretty out of it the night after the surgery and both of…


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Rusty's 18th Month Ampuversary, 3rd Birthday and 2011 Video

We have been busy and I have been off-line for a while; I wanted to give everyone an update on Rusty.  With the losses that some members have occurred it is nice to be able to share Rusty's success.


I have uploaded a new video of Rusty to Youtube:

He is doing more swimming & jumping this year which I focused on; I think two surfin' videos are…


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Ovarian Tumors in Dogs

Most of these tumors are seen in older dogs yet I think it’s very important taking care of your dog when she needs you the most. Some symptoms are loss of appetite, fever, abdominal enlargement, hair loss, and many others. You can feel some ovarian tumors by the simple touch of your hands. However, an abdominal ultrasound might be the best choice if you see the symptoms but can’t feel the tumor. Be supportive of your dog. It’s as… Continue

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Donovan's Surgery

The surgery which was scheduled for Tuesday the 9th of August did not happen. Our ride never showed up nor did she call.

I have rescheduled the surgery for Friday the 19th of August.  This time I have rides with two of my friends.  One is dropping us off at the vet's.  The other is picking us up afterwards.

All prayers and positive thoughts appreciated.  If you did so on the 9th, don't worry prayers and positive thoughts don't spoil.

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How is your Dog’s Social Life?

The key is to expose your pet to other pets different shapes, sizes, and colors, earlier on his/her puppy years. He will eventually get accustomed to it and chances are when he grows up he won’t be as scared or alarmed when he sees a strange creature in his surroundings. Think about it, if you, out of a sudden, see people walking around your house that don’t quite look as humans but perhaps some type of sick alien. What… Continue

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